ReddPi question related to wallet.dat files

Well, updated my ReddPi to a few days ago, but I have a question that’s been “haunting” me every time I update…

In each and every update, after I boot the client for the first time, it always crashes, saying it can’t read my wallet file. I use the salvagewallet command, and it recovers my wallet, but makes the client crash from time to time.

To solve this issue, I have to make a Ubuntu Live USB, add my private keys manually to a new wallet.dat, and replace the old one with the new one made offline.

Any clues on why this happens? it would be cool if I didn’t have to make this extra step every time I update.

tecopos Honestly just weather the storm until the HD wallets are out. With the HD wallets all you will need to know is a phrase for all of your private keys (forever). Thats what i would do in your situation anyway.

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…crap. I was just about to update my reddpi. I think i’ll wait, thanks for the heads up. :confused:

My RaspPi works normally with the qt-wallet.

edit: Oh you mean after updating? I didn’t have any problems there either.

Yes, after updating… It has been happening in the last 3 updates if I’m not mistaken.

Curiously, I just notice my ReddPi went offline, and now my wallet doesn’t open… Maybe it’s my wallet saying I shouldn’t have made this post haha