ReddPi Thread

Hello everyone,

I’ve been pretty absent, as I haven’t been having much time for crypto related stuff, but seeing threads about Raspberry’s and Reddcoin got me interested again… And since I was really into Reddcoin, Raspberry’s and staking back when POS kicked in, I decided to step back in again, in my spare time.

My Raspberry used to stake 24/7 (and I’ve even ran a small competition to reward ReddPi’s a few months backs :D) and I have some experience running cryptocoin nodes, so I’ve decided to try out something new and I wrote some small scripts to setup a ReddPi in just one click.

Without further ado, here are the files

Pi B/B+

Pi B/B+ bootstrap

Pi B2/B3

Pi B2/B3 bootstrap

Basically there are 4 files to choose from. First choose the one that adapts to your hardware. A note of warning: I have no Pi 2/3 to test my scripts. Debugging for these systems is welcome. I’ve tested the files on my Pi B and everything worked nicely. Then there’s the bootstrap/no bootstrap versions. The bootstrap versions get the bootstrap available on Reddcoin’s GitHub and put it in the right place. After running them you basically just have to run Reddcoin and that’s it
EDIT: I’ve also testes the files with Jessie and Jessie lite. Seems to work fine on both.
EDIT: silly me, I posted no instructions. You can simply run them via ‘sudo ./name of the script’, but my advice is, install screen before (sudo apt-get install screen) and then just run them with ‘screen sudo ./name of the script

You can check the scripts, they’re pretty simple. They use Reddcoin’s GitHub to get the files. What they basically do is update your system, get it ready for compiling and then compile the wallet.
To do: compile with GUI. Haven’t had time to test it… And use the new client as source (I’ll be trying to get my hands on that soon!)

Next up is making an image with Reddcoin already setup. Working on that ATM. I’m trying to figure out how to make a small image with just the basics and the blockchain synced that can fit on a regular, cheap 8GB SD card. If I take too long figuring this out I’ll just release a stock image as is…

I’ll also try to get my hands on the most recent RC’s :slight_smile: Also, I remember a while back there was a member making blockchain bootstraps once in a while, is that still on? If yes, it would be interesting to use that as a source for the bootstrap scripts :slight_smile:

You’re all welcome to make suggestions and improve my scripts :smiley:

To finish up my post… I know I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve been keeping an eye on Reddcoin. I’ve been here since the start and this is pretty much the only altcoin I’ve followed from the start, so I’ll stay tuned and help in what I can/know how to do/like to do :smiley:

tecopos welcome back, and thanks for bringing your knowledge to this discussion :smiley:

I am happy to see so many of the old names coming back again, I have a feeling that there are a lot more who are waiting and watching!


tecopos great work
What might be advantageous is if everyone who has ideas for RaspPI get their heads together and build out some of the ideas.
Bitnodes, is one of my benchmark applications that lends itself well.


Small update: script is incompatible with RSE (Raspbian Server Edition). Trying to see what I can do. Meanwhile, doing a fresh sync on my desktop so I can get a copy of the blockchain faster.


На очень популярном сайте нет предложений для заработка редкоин. Это странно, там есть предложения для заработка совсем отсталых криптовалют, а редкоин заработать никто не предлагает. И вообще очень мало кранов, которые предлагают заработать редкоин за просмотр рекламы. Это тоже перспективное направление.

Big update: RSE is now compatible with the script! Just use this version :slight_smile:

Pi B/Pi B+ non bootstrap

Pi B/Pi B+ w/ bootstrap

Pi 2/3 version coming soon and a ready to go image coming soon(ish) :smiley:
PS: someone sent me a donation, so thanks! I’ll try to keep it up whenever I can.

Pi B2/3 non bootstrap

Pi B2/3 w/ bootstrap

Attention: You might run into issues using RSE on a Pi 2/3. This is untested as I have no access to any of these. The use case for these scripts is most probably you’re running your own “RSE” or have some kind of bare Raspbian install.
These, just like the versions for standard Raspbians should get everything going with “one click”. At least they do on this side :smiley:

Another long term objective would be “streamline” the scripts or join them somehow, but I’m not really confident for this. I don’t think we can cover 99% use cases with a single script. But I’ll look into that if I can.


Alex007 Думаю со временем появится.

Amazing stuff tecopos !

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Well, slightly bad update, I think my testing SD card is dying or almost dying… It’s pretty beaten up and it’s a cheap generic card! :smiley: System is really slow and reddcoind stopped receiving any blocks… Good news is I have another 8GB card that can serve as a backup, so I’ll get going again, let’s see if I can finally make an image with the blockchain updated so I can start working on a script/image with the RC release.

Since last post I’ve also received another donation. Thanks!

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Монета упала в цене, кто то много продал редкоинов наверно. А биткоин растёт потихоньку. Может и хорошо, что редкоин сейчас дешевеет, можно большее количество купить на биткоин. И всё таки, где можно почитать историю создания редкоина? Биткоин за 8 лет существования уже стоил 800 баксов, потом снизился, теперь опять растёт в цене. А сколько лет уже существует редкоин и каковы его перспективы? Спасибо за пожертвование. Продолжаю каждый день покупать редкоины, понемногу, но каждый день.

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Alex007 Вот дорожный путь Реддкоина

exactly what I was looking for from Gnasher or reddibrek.

This roadmap should be updated :slight_smile:

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Это конечно красиво, но может стоить сделать на официальном сайте отдельную страницу с рассказом о монете, от начала задумки до воплощения с указаниями даты выпуска, историей развития и этим графиком пути. Опять же, чтобы можно было узнать, где монета торгуется, сколько стоит на данный момент, объёмы торгов. А так же планы по эмиссии. Господа сайтодеятели, сделайте отдельную историю по редкоину, чтобы можно было копировать и размещать на разных сайтах ссылаясь на источник.

Alex007 хорошая идея!

Всё нашел об истории создания редкоин, всё есть, только на другом сайте.

did you built this with Qt4 or Qt5? I’m getting all sorts of compilation errors when I compile the reddcoin source from github, related to Qt5 changes. There are some patches I found (used for other coin wallets) that should fix the Qt5 compatibility issues but before I go down that path, have you done something similar and applied patches or?