will be shutting down - Withdrawal info inside.

Hello Reddheads

I would like to thank each and every person who signed up to play at reddroom, even through the ups and downs. Myself, our investor and the developer have decided to pull the plug on the site. With Reddapi shutting down we have been trying to get a wallet up and running to continue providing the service but we seem to run into a wall at every turn. Even if we got the wallet working there is still a heap of coding to do.

I understand that is is never a good idea to rely on a service to keep your product going but it did allow us to run the site with a level of security and ease of use that cannot be repeated with our small team.

Moreover we simply cannot afford the development/running costs any further. The site never did gain a large amount of users, nor did it ever bring in any profit. And alone that was not a issue, however Having to rebuild the entire accounting system is simply more than we can afford.

This is the risk with any new venture and we knew the costs and risks well before we started, reddcoin is a great coin with a even better community and we would gladly do it all again. Thank you all so much for your support and feedback.

Thank you

The reddheads newsletter team for featuring us.
To the dev team for creating a coin I can get behind.
To the guys at reddybet for helping me in chat when I needed it.
iisurge for his/her support
and of course to all of the players who signed up to give it a go. I do not know your reddcointalk names unfortunately.

Thanks for playing

Vuudo & Matt

Withdrawing your balance

We will be putting the website back up within the next 12 hours. very few people still have a balance on the site but rest assured your reddcoins are safe. We started this with integrity, you trusted us with your coins and we will be keeping the website up until the domain expires. You will be able to withdraw your coins by following the instructions on the website. I will update this post when the site is live again.

iisurge Yes you are :smiley:

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Sorry to hear you are shutting Reddroom down. I played there a few times and had fun.

Will you consider reopening the site if there’s a big increase in potential players this year?

I guess I’m one of the few. Pretty sad to see you go - I was really keen for some poker!
You said you’d be updating in the next 12 hrs and it’s now been a day, have you had issues? Exactly how much redd is still with you guys? Have you a strategy for getting coins back to people if you can’t get the website operating again?

melissa Hey Milissa we are waiting for the domain to point over sorry about the wait.

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Well thanks for the quick reply!

Really sorry to hear you are closing the site. Like GrayPhoenix, I hope you will consider relaunching if the potential is there later this year!

Vuudo not good news. If you had a API like the old one would you use it? or is a goodbye?

Thanks for the lotery one of the best ideas and was fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oliver I would likely get the lottery up again, and perhaps blackjack or something people will play :slight_smile:

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Oliver Currently the documentation for the api is hardly what I would call easy to understand. Perhaps it is just a lack of understanding on my part. But in all fairness I have worked on many technical products and I have never struggled this hard to get it running.

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Vuudo loterry was nice. I get that the api is not easy right now… and the backslash will be enoumous… I really liked it…will you put the website up again? I Haven’t withdraw my coins…

Or in the case you open for lottery soon never mind this request.

Documentation is needed …

Has anyone been able to withdraw their coins yet?


hydrazine nop, I haven’t withdraw my coins yet.

Well it’s been 21 days. I’d like answers.
1.Exactly how much redd is still with you guys?
2.Have you a strategy for getting coins back to people if you can’t get the website operating again?

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melissa He bailed. Coins are gone.

Yes, it would seem so.
Can we talk about the use of games sites to scam? It seems like a problem greater than just reddcoin, so I don’t want this to come across as blaming the team here but I can’t help but feel that questions should have been asked earlier about the validity of his claims, that by having discussion off-reddit it makes it harder to hold people to account as the community pool of watchers is reduced. When we will, as investors and interested parties, stop allowing these kinds of sites advertising here? With such a dispersed dev team it is hard to follow who and which sites are “official” or “semi-official”.
Lastly, when a third party develops an API and there is money being tied up with it, there needs to be a back up plan for the distribution of funds through an official channel.
For me there are a lot bigger questions being raised than simply “what happened to reddroom?” And I’m not seeing a lot here to reassure me, as the scammers are given too much hospitality even as they are in the process of finalising their heist.

melissa have you tried to contact reddroom on one of their own channels like and what was the reply?

melissa Thanks for making your points Melissa.

It’s a real shame that this kind of thing happens, but there is no “one size fits all” to these things, IMO.

I don’t think there is really any link to be made between creating the forum and keeping a lookout for scams. The devs and community can create forums and get-togethers online at will - there is no reason for these positive efforts to be curtailed by the bad actions of a few people.

It’s impossible not to be exposed to scams and swindlers in the cryptocurrency scene. It’s still the Wild West. It’s so commonplace it’s impossible to keep count. But we should be on the lookout and warn one another, and lots of people do. But some will always happen.

Personally I feel bloody annoyed to have given Vuudo space in the Reddheads newsletter. I apologise to anyone who read it and who may have thought there was any official link. I’ve written to Reddroom but have no response.

In this case, it was not through any approval from the dev team that Reddroom gained any users - Vuudo gained users through grass-roots promotion on reddit and here. And it wasn’t just his “claims” that people went by; I believe quite a few people played poker with the wallets working correctly, for a while.

Regarding the third-party developer (ReddAPI) he was not working with the Reddcoin team and furthermore had no interest in doing so, so there is no reason to think that in this case any funds recuperated by ReddAPI should be redistributed by the Reddcoin team. Direct contact should be made with ReddAPI in this case.

iisurge please write to him as well iisurge, if you would. Contact from several in the community will carry more weight.

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