"ReddSurrection Tournament"

Hello Reddheads. We are happy to announce
the “ReddSurrection Tournament”!

10 Million ReddCoin Prize Pool that Grows Every Game!
Brought to you by ReddCoin & Crypto Collider
21st to 31st January 2017
No Admission Fee

ReddCoin and Crypto Collider are proud to announce the “ReddSurrection Tournament” commencing 21st January.The prize pool starts with 10 Million ReddCoin provided by the sponsors, thanks ReddCoin!
The prize pool also grows with each tournament game collecting even more coins to compliment the immense Redd package :slight_smile:

Following format of previous tournaments, prizes will be awarded for the top ten (ie. 18% of prize pool to first place, 2% to 10th) and special bonuses like biggest balls, slammers and die-hards that can be won in a single throw!

Watch out in the future for even more Collider tournaments and a special announcement from ReddCoin on the completion of their.

With all this great news, we would love your feedback, but also to share this and future events, for us to grow together.