reddtipbot mentioned in: "Are Cryptocurrency Social Tipbots Dead?"

Unfortunately not much they talk about it :frowning:

other tipbots get more “publicity” there

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the attention will rise when the new updates get published. Reddcoins are still too complicated to use for the broad mass. Redd Id will be a easy and intelligent way to use them. The more people use reddcoins the more social tipbots will exist. But only when it is easy to use them. The more easy it is something to use the more people will use something.

This article raises some interesting points about how tipping has evolved and declined.

Lets begin by stating universally,
I strongly believe that there is a place for the concept of tipping, and rewarding people for content within the crypto-sphere.

The magic is in how it is delivered.

  1. Tipping a fellow user should be a seamless encounter.
    Having a speedy transfer and immediacy makes the experience seem instant. It is done in the moment, perhaps while reading a post or a comment of only a few short words. Almost as fast as clicking a like button.

  2. Service should be decentralised.
    One of the failing of all tipbots has been the inherent centralised nature of the bot itself. From the humble reddit tipbot, through to the likes of Changetip… there was always a 3rd party who was holding the keys to the castle so to speak

  3. Tipping should be free.
    The act of tipping should be free, just like in fiat world, handing over a little appreciation shouldn’t have an additional charge.

One of the points made in this article was about network anonymity and the concern of linking social identity.

Here we meet the crossroads in the technology.

On one hand, you want to be able to tip across a range of social networks, while on the other do you really want to associate various accounts together?

It should be said, that anytime you post your address onto a webpage (looking for a tip), it can be ‘harvested’ by some website monitoring software to be later matched up with usernames. This has already been going on for some time in the bitcoin space to demonstrate and prove that bitcoin is not actually anonymous like many people use to think.

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