Reddy to rumble

So I just de-lurked on this forum. I have liked the Reddcoin concept since I first redd up about it about a year ago. Like so many alts (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s an OSS initiative with a tight knit group pushing it forwards and with one key guy galvanizing everything. That was then, and the impression now is that things have run low on steam. Whether that’s other life threads getting on top of the key devs combined with the discipline of only announcing things when they are ready, or simply dropping the ball, seems to remain an open question on this forum. But come on guys - this is OSS on github - quit complaining and become part of the development community building out the Reddcoin ecosystem. I for one would be happy to contribute some effort, as I suspect others might in the right circumstances. But there still needs to be the vision pulling everything together. Bitcoin has that through the likes of Gavin, Peter, etc. Do we need to form a Reddcoin vision group to direct and prioritize and direct development efforts ? Would that annoy the original key devs especially if they’re still silently working on stuff that is yet to break cover ? The bottom line is I think we need to understand the reasons that Reddcoin seems to have moved into a low gear, and find a way to form a larger and more productive community to support rather than bad mouth the original key devs. But these are only my thoughts and observations. Some of you reading this will have better ideas on how to move this type of broader community initiative forwards. But please - let’s keep this thread positive, can-do, etc. We’re here to move forwards …

Great post. I wonder if bringing on more (not replacing) devs from community volunteers would be a worthwhile effort. I know the concept of a Social Broadcast is on the road map to be rebuilt. It would be up to Reddcoin whether or not Reddcoin officially wants to support a crowdsourced project like this. Brainstorming how this would work certainly doesn’t hurt.

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