Refresh of Website Info

Based on discussions on refreshing outdated or incorrect website info
Could you post a comment with a link and I will get it done

This can cover any site (we can direct 3rdparties to updated info)

But would like to focus on the sites mainly run by the reddcoin team

All help appreciated

Not sure where to post this, but if you have admin rights to the page i just wanted to point out that the footer needs an update eventhough we are just a few days away from 2018 :wink:


Its Good to see you back :slight_smile: There’s been a lot of newbies to keep happy!!
A lot of unanswered q’s driving people away… blowing off steam as they leave… not a good look, people on other forums talking bad for this reason, no updates in years.

Take a look at this screenshot someone repling to a tweet. That was just random… Thats the word on the Matrix.

This forum needs active devs, being the landing to the official website… the masses will be coming here for help… We need to create a good name in all aspects for Reddcoin in order to reach the top.

I will do my best to work with you on this… Thank you for your suport