Remote Staking

Some of you will know that I refer to leafy Surrey, UK as Location A and Manila, Philippines as Location B (actually I should swap those labels round), but now I have Location C which is about as remote as it gets in Philippines. Off grid ? There is no grid to be on. Water comes from a mountain stream and electricity from the sun - with short term storage courtesy of a couple of marine batteries rather than the longer term storage provided by decomposed dinosaurs. All that said it seems we have LTE here, which I can’t get on either EE or 3 at Location A. Hence the title Remote Staking - hoping I can claim the most remotely (a subjective judgement I realize) staked blocks on the Reddcoin network yet.

If you think you may have staked even more remotely (by your subjective judgement) please chime in. There might be some fun stories to hear about :slight_smile:

I used to stake in the van I lived in for 6 months, staking on various coffee shop Wi-Fi as I travelled around coastal California.


And where else have you traveled? The thing is that when I visited Kamchatka with RussiaDiscovery I was surprised by the quality of the services provided. That is the reason why a lot of people realize the quality of the vacation only after the trip has already completed.