Restore Wallet with passphrase only

Hi Community, is there a way to restore the wallet without a wallet.dat hence only a passphrase. My hard disc crashed.

be very interested to know how you restore a wallet with just a passphrase and no wallet.dat ??? pretty sure that’s not possible…

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tosheto I implore you to explain your steps involved. Backup from shadow copy? If the hard drive even spins, yes. No need to pm anyone to fix this – as it’s as simple as using a recovery boot cd like Hiren's Boot CD.

If the hard drive can still read the filesystem, you’re in luck, otherwise if you already installed the OS again, there’s a good chance you overwrote it.


How do you know the hard disk “crashed”? Does your OS partially boot, or do you have the dreaded Boot medium not found message?

It is possible to recover. Contact me and I will show you how to do it. Doesn’t require anything but a USB drive and some shell scripting.

RustyNail Hi, can you please explain your methods in PM to me maybe? Because it would benefit others if it was posted publicly. Maybe I could even pin the topic, but I’ve already had to remove messages from someone else claiming to be able to only do it in private.

lvtion No. It makes sense, but I prefer to do it one on one because It might not work as easy as expected. And the person needs to be available at all times.