Restored wallet is not the same

I sent coins from to my reddcoin wallet while it was still syncing. Now, after the sync i received error that wallet can’t connect to the block, so i made a copy of wallet.dat and removed all files from reddcoin directory in roaming folder. I then placed bootstrap.dat and my backed up wallet in the folder and started the wallet. It is now syncing but i think it’s not the same wallet.
Now the problem is that i can’t see the receiving address i had initially sent coins too. Also, i had encrypted my wallet with a passphrase. Upon starting wallet again, i wasn’t asked for the passphrase and my wallet was unencrypted. Kindly let me know if i have done anything wrong. I am really worried because i still haven’t senn my coins.

As long as you made a back up of your .dat file before you reinstalled the wallet you will be fine… Make sure you’ve placed the .dat file in the correct folder and restart computer.

PasCarbs It was syncing and was completed till only 10 weeks were remaining when an unexpected shutdown occurred. Now when i open the wallet there is an assertion error and the file given is kernel.cpp line 428. Now what should i do? i think i will have to delete the blockchain again and resync.
Also, could you confirm that when i delete the contents of reddcoin directory in roaming folder, should i also delete the wallet.dat or keep is as is and delete the rest only.

Khusaa007 if you are unsure, remove the wallet file. you really should have setup the wallet 1st and learned about it, but that is ok. Just be careful with your wallet. Also when you do get synced and you can make transactions, make sure you backup your wallet after every transaction, because the system makes a new address for the “change” after every transaction.