SailfishOS reddcoin wallet

Hello reddheads, great to be here in this wonderful community!

I’d like to point out that there’s a wonderful new mobile operating system in town called Sailfish OS. It’s open source and has a fantastic community around it just like reddcoin. It also uses Qt for its apps so it should be easier to port the wallet for it.

You can find more about sailfish over here and the company over here. If you’re interested, but need help to get started check out the community here or on IRC at #sailfishos freenode.

Does it run on actual hardware already? Can you compile it for your own (x86) target? (asking for another project)

The company, Jolla released their phone a year ago and recently had a successful crowdfunding campaign for their new tablet. The tablet will run on x86 hardware and you can already compile for x86 and test it on a virtual machine on their SDK. You can get the SDK over here.

I believe that Sailfish has a good android app emulator that works with most android applications? When the Android wallet comes out I’m sure it could be made to run through the emulator just fine :slight_smile:

It is true that Sailfish has Android support that runs most apps just fine. In fact it’s not an emulator but actually runs the Dalvik virtual machine on top of Sailfish providing complete Android experience (except Google services of course). However, to take full advantage of the platform the apps should be native. Android apps use considerably more resources than native applications. To gain full support of the Sailfish community, it is best to develop a native client.

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