Seeking Funding For ReddCoin Projects Aiming To Introduce New Users To ReddCoin

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Hello, I am seeking funding for ReddCoin projects I am working on that specialize in introducing new users to ReddCoin and helps them get started. My most recent project is the ReddCoin Getting Started Guide that rewards new users who watch the full video and open a wallet with a tip of 50 ReddCoin. I have this promotion going until September 2015, although the getting started guide will remain online forever. The comments from new users will help the “Getting Start Guide” go viral.

Latest ReddCoin video project:

Please help fund my ReddCoin projects if you believe in what Im doing. I put a tremendous amount of time into setting these up just like all of you who have helped ReddCoin become what it is today.

Donations for ReddCoin Projects should be sent to: Rk1x3TrihysKCMoreQZT3PFnU1mBZxG9n3

New ideas for video projects are encouraged. Share your ideas here. Coldie brought up the great idea of video interviews with developers in an upcoming video.

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awesome video bro!

FYI You made an error and put September 2015 in your narrative

Oh shoot, I meant 2017. Thank you for your kind comments.