How many of us are ready for the segwit activation? As foe me, am anxiously waiting for the activation

Long overdue, Waiting for all the BTC drama to come to an end

can some one explain to me (short hand) why segwit would be good for reddcoin?

SantosTheGreat The network is rather lightly used at the moment, but once activity and tipping begin to ramp up, Reddcoin faces the same scaling issues as Bitcoin and other similarly constructed cryptos have. While there are political and other considerations, basically, SegWit is a possible solution to that future (for us) problem, and may well be incorporated into the Reddcoin codebase as we follow the development path. So it is definitely somewhat relevant.


if Reddcoin does adopt segwit later that would allow for atomic swaps with bitcoin correct?

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dudilicious once bitcoin drop, all alto will follow. But depend how severe the coin is.