Sent 12,000 REDD to Bittrex, nothing happening?


Hope someone can help. The status says:

Status: 0/unconfirmed

using wallet ‘Reddcoin Core version v3.10.3.0-00eedb8-beta (64-bit)’

All appears synchronized.

Transaction ID: 4dc28cb4d4393c84572a672840a50a8d09261f64414122a7281c30a9c5978d9a-000


Is this forum dead? Anyone know where I can get an answer or is it that when you transfer your tokens from the latest Core Wallet, they always disappear into the ether,… never to be seen again?

지갑을 완전히 삭제 한 후 재설치해보세요

This transaction doesnt exist on the rdd-blockchain. resync your wallet. The coins are still in your wallet


I did all this, re-imported my private key and the tokens were in the core wallet again.

I tried to send them to Bittrex again and they never arrived. Same problem as before.

So how do I send them out, does the core wallet no longer work?


That’s the transaction ID. It is not valid… just like before.