Sent 500K coins to my reddcoin wallet. Wallet keeps prompting a "failed to read block error." HELP!

I downloaded the Reddcoin wallet today to store my 500k coins I purchased on the Bittrex exchange. The wallet was in the middle of syncing when my laptop automatically restarted to accommodate a windows update. When I tried to access my wallet after the reboot I’ve been getting a"failed to read block error" I am very concerned about this because the wallet never finished syncing and I was not able to confirm my Reddcoins arrived in my wallet. as of now, my coins appear to be stuck in limbo and I cannot access my wallet due to this error. I am panicking and any guidance to access my coins would be greatly appreciated.

Check out the block explorer at

Copy/paste your receiving address in there to verify that your coins arrived. As long as you have the public address and private key, or the wallet.dat file, then you can always reinstall the Reddcoin app.