Sent coins do not arrive

I just upgraded to 3.10.1, and have tried to send coins to another Reddcoin Wallet, yet they have not arrived after 45 minutes. Is there an exaggerated wait time for coins to appear ??

Is your blockchain fully synced? What do you see on the left bottom corner?

Yes, the blockchain is synced !!

Thank You for replying

Okay, your blockchain is fully synced.

What do you see in the transaction details? Double click the transaction to its details.

If possible, copy the text here (remove any personal information like the address).

Is the amount already removed from your balance?

Status: 2179 confirmations
Date: 7/23/2020 19:07
To: Riley RonUkiFjtNQrJtQYMKSxvRYRftZ7xUK3m3
Debit: -100.00000000 RDD
Transaction fee: -0.00019685 RDD
Net amount: -100.00019685 RDD
Transaction ID: 42cd739b55345e95edb308a426b1b5ab6a82d8c3943e0af3da407f97181a374b-000

Yes the amount shows removed

This transaction is confirmed. Also available on the blockchain explorer:


Means that the RDDs are sent succesfully by you.


So, a few questions:

  • You say the amount is not received by the other party. What does the other party use? Reddcoin Core also? If so, is their blockchain fully synced?


Are you both using Reddcoin Core version v3? Preferably the latest version (v3.10.1). You can check your version via Help (menu) -> Debug window. Which version do you have? And the other party?

Both versions are up to date and synced

So, to recap:

  • Sender (you) have Reddcoin Core v3.10.1 running.
  • Your blockchain is fully synced.
  • Receiver is using Reddcoin Core v3.10.1.
  • Blockchain of receiver is fully synced.
  • The transaction is “confirmed” in your wallet.
  • The transaction is visible in the blockchain explorer.
  • The transaction is NOT visible in the wallet of the receiver.

This means that there is something wrong with the wallet of the receiver.

First thing I would recommend to try, is starting Reddcoin Core with the -rescan option, on the computer of the receiver.

Please follow the instructions here; Wallet empty after multiple crashes. Let me know what the result is after starting with -rescan.

Is your issue fixed?

No the coins have not arrived yet

Have you done the -rescan I suggested earlier in this thread?

If not, I would recommend doing:

We are trying to -reindex now. The -rescan did not find the coins.

Cool. Let me know how it goes.

Also, wanted to let you know that the other issue with seemingly the same issue has its issue solved. Also sent coin, but nowhere to be found?!

Any news or updated?

Yes, good news, the re-indexing worked. Thank You so much !! Do you work for Reddcoin ??

Glad it all worked out. :).


The Reddcoin team consists of volunteers, so I try to be a part of the team by helping as much as possible by providing help when users have issues. :).