Silk Road Reloaded to Add Reddcoin as Payment Option said:

Newly launched underground marketplace Silk Road Reloaded (SRR) recently added new altcoins to its platform and announced to integrate them all to its checkout process.

On its website, the online drug bazaar has listed Anoncoin, BitBar, Dopecoin, Potcoin, BitcoinDark, Quark and Reddcoin – all slated to join as site’s go-to payment options to purchase a series of illegal goods. SRR is already accepting Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Feathercoin and Litecoin as payment options. The site administrators are also open about adding more altcoins on request.

while I am not a fan of the coin being associated with the darker side of crypto use, awareness and adoption is an important need of any crypto


Not sure that RDD on SRR is a good thing.

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I see this raising the price

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Some may argue that this is good news, but I think it’s bad. Reddcoin is meant to be an open, social currency. Not a shady anonymous currency and has no place on a black market at all. Not to mention the downward selling pressure this would create because it’s directly converted into Bitcoin. I’d recommend the Reddcoin devs to mail Silk Road Reloaded and tell them to stop accepting the currency.


huffinmcpuffin i share same opinion.

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huffinmcpuffin you could tell americans to stop using the dollar but they would not listen. Like it or not all crypto is currency and will be used as such for any purpose they wish. Lets face it bitcoin would probably have taken a longer time to be recognised if it were not for the original silk road


BrownSlaughter Agreed. There’s a lot of other crypto out there better suited for anonymity than Reddcoin. I have a feeling it won’t be used as much for deep web markets as others. That said, people can pay with whatever they want.

BrownSlaughter Reddcoin is not designed for anonymity and the normal user of this website knows that from all the options proposed Reddcoin is definitely not the chosen one.

Although is not the Billboard from newyork city is a place for some players to check the coin out! Not everyone that sells drugs, arms, kill people is forbidden of using a social media account.

I’m not involved in this act but it is clear that the team developing knows the project and knows that the stream revenue from the coin will be way to low… if even exists…

I say that you need adoption but not from these players… Let’s see what this leaves us in the next couple months… more people around or not.

It was bound to happen, no matter what our opinion of whether it is good or bad for Redd.

Interesting question to you all:
Do you know more recreational drug users or more recreational crypto users?
(Be honest…)

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It would be nice to hear developers opinion on this topic.


miha I think it’s not the business of the developers to tell anyone whether to use Reddcoin or not. We don’t have the authority, power or resources to regulate and enforce Reddcoin adoption.


Got to agree with you laudney, the coin is to be decentralised, nobody has the right to decide who can and cannot use it.

I think its great. As always, any news is good for advertisement.


Have we asked for delisting from coin-swamp when our reputation was on stake? Some did. News about not supporting SRR can also turn positive. Do we want reddcoin to be used for criminal activity, like drug selling, child porn, etc. Where are our boundaries?

miha do you think the government want the US dollar to be used for those purposes? It comes down to the fact there is not much that can be done about it.

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BrownSlaughter US dollar and reddcoin are completely different kind of currencies, it is hard to compare these two. If we don’t want reddcoin to be used on SRR we can ask to delist it.

miha we can ask in the same way the U.S can make laws. They/people will still do what they want.

miha and you think people who don’t listen to the authorities on selling drugs and other things would listen to us?

Who is going to ask? The currency’s aim is to be decentralised, its not like the USD at all, nobody has overall control of it.


I personally think this is good. It does not matter who uses Reddcoin, as we are decentralized. Just because a small subsection of the community uses it for illicit goods will not harm out reputation, it will only bring liquidity and exposure(drug users are typically regular functioning people )