simple php subtraction

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echo 5-1;
//With vars
$num1 = 5;
$num2 = 1;

echo $num1 - $num2;

//OR subtract from variable and keep in var

$num = 5;
$num -= 4;
echo $num;


just like that

iisurge I figured it out so I tried to delete the post. didn’t work… Also, during transactions, is there no “from” address? it’s making my project way more difficult than I anticipated.


This one seems to be the from address


iisurge Ah, but that one is variable. There’s no real way to verify that a transaction originated from a particular address is there…

EDIT: Looks like i"ll have to make a new address for each transaction (but they can be resuable by the players I hope.)

I believe


is the correct From Address to look for, however the address that is present may actually contain a change address depending on previous transactions that have occurred.