Simple Poll: Ban Dudilicious (username for Reddcointalk and Slack)

As the title suggests, and by Dudi’s own admission that a link to a site created by someone other than a current core developer is a valid alt text I’m creating this question to find out what the community thinks.

I vote yes.

I agree and i to vote yes

I also vote yes, he is inconsiderate of others and spam’s constantly in slack.

jelledelange96 said in Simple Poll: Ban Dudilicious (username for Reddcointalk and Slack):

I agree and i to vote yes

Yes yes yes and yes

no offense I like all the community but this post is pointless and a waste of time. We shouldnt be taking votes of acceptance its not our place.

shadowradio It may be pointless, but it’s acceptable by current standards…

bmp02050 who sets these standards?

I vote for him to stay. The community is overreacting.

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dudilicious behave, buy some more and you’re welcome :wink:


alt text


Shango Overreacting to a guy who is merely here to troll. Really? So if some person stands outside your house (on the sidewalk so it’s a public space) and shouts, shits on your lawn, calls you a fag and interrupts the lives of everyone else around, it’s cool? Well okay then…

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ReddheadDon Not about reddcoin. This isn’t about the coin itself. This is about some little 12 year old who think’s he’s funny acting like an asshat…

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bmp02050 take it easy, take a sisi