Slack Invites

If you want an invitation to the slack channel, please PM me your email address. If you have a bad attitude, use racial slurs, or extreme profanity, you will be warned once. Any recurring infractions will result in immediate expulsion from the slack channel…

Healthy, constructive discussion is great. Marketing skills, programming skills, graphic design, web development, etc… are all welcome. If you want to complain about your “investment”, please do so somewhere else.

Thank you.

Please invite me…

kimtaibong What is your skill set so I know who to set you up with when you arrive?

bmp02050 i’m Web programing Beginner so sorry i don’t know people.

kimtaibong We all start somewhere…invite incoming

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Please send an invite to me. I am into SEO business. Email id is

bmp02050 invite me plz. I 'am a mobile developer (AngularJs, Ionic…)

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bmp02050 Hi, I am a part time developer backend and´android frontend. I am interested to see, what u r talking about in slack. I was searching for an official slack channel, but couldnt find one. So here I am now :slight_smile:


bmp02050 please invite me on, thanks!


please add me to slack, please.

bmp02050 please add me social media strategist and community engagement


Please invite me to slack. I am a Full Stack Developer and would like to help with the Reddcoin platform. Thank you.

Hello my name is Carlos Espiritu and I would like to be invited to the Slack space… I’m an active promoter of RDD in my local area, I live in cuernavaca Mexico, so I’d like to be involved in any relevant news of RDD community, so please consider to invite me… Thank you. My e-mail is :