Slow Day on Reddcointalk

Seems like a slow day here. What is everyone doing?! I mean, I am at work, so I get that whole degree of slowness on the forums…Granted, my job is mostly database admin and ERP admin and I’ve streamlined so many of these outdated and clunky processes that I’ve been given new and completely ridiculous things to do, like inspecting raw materials. And my computer experience relates to material chemistry how?

Anyways…what’s up? Y U NO POST?

Got home, had dinner, and now i’m experiencing the joys of installing windoze and ubuntu on my netbook. Got a cheap Corsair M500 120Gb SSD to see if i can still use this (i’m typing on it while windoze update does its thing) as my everyday computer. It’s got nvidia ION 2 graphics and a dual core hyperthreaded CPU so it’s not that bad. 2gb of RAM sucks though.

I barely game, so having a watercooled octocore with a R9 270 almost idling all day is a huge waste of energy (and money). This, on the other hand, could almost run on solar power (and eventually will!). Also, having everything on a single computer is quite convenient - against having both desktop & laptop.

Laying down on the couch enjoying my 11 days old girl.
secretly i’m hoping she falls a sleep soon, so I can code on some private projects for me.

The rest of the day I have been working as a Quality Assurence Engineer working on some safety issue’s for public transportation systems.
(Mostly railway ticketing systems and lottery systems)

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Didi #DROOL on your gaming rig. I’ve got an i5 with an R7 240 and 16Gb of Ram at home. My work computer is an i7 with 2 R7 240s and 12Gb Ram. I have 3 of my 4 monitor ports being used as the 4th monitor was mostly to watch and bitcoinity and try to hit the highs and lows. For some reason they thought I was less productive… shrugs shoulders The DB and ERP systems are rather intensive and the programming I do for the ERP system (using a mashup of VB and Cobol as some proprietary crabware) uses a lot of resources when I’m testing and compiling.

The home computer though, it’s the one I’m working with Unity3D on, so the graphics card (even a crappy one like the 240) and mad ram…It’s a good thing.

As for your solar powered computers: WAY TO BE! I would love to get a solar panel and hook up my R.Pi to stake with and use free electric, but being that I live in Vermont, we have many cloudy days resulting in some sort of stupid precipitation and only have sunny days 3 or 4 times a year.

Elkan Congrats! Good luck with her, she’ll be a handful in about 11 years. I’ve got a sister who’s 13 years younger than me. I remember those days. Best birth control EVER. Now that I’m married, I want a kid or two.

And good luck with the private coding projects that you’re working on. Hope it pans out. You need something like dragonspeak or a better program so you can talk in code to program, while also teaching your daughter words. Better to get them started early! Brain dev is most critical for the first 3 years.

bmp02050 We have pretty good solar radiation here in Barcelona… but i think that Spain is the only country stupid (or bought) enough to tax home produced power… yes, i’m not kidding. I have a small solar array, just enough to keep my my phone charged and have a desk lamp on at nights, but i’d love to have a proper solar rig. Too bad it’s rather expensive… and i would have to pay taxes anyway, if that makes any sense at all.

EDIT. bmp02050 forgot to mention that you may like this: (24/7 solar powered RasPi web server) Interesting stuff!

I’ve just arrived back in Belgium. Was in Italy for a few days, to visit my friend and his daughter, who is my goddaughter. I hadn’t been to Rome for nearly 20 years. Stayed in a neighbourhood called Trastavere, the scene of much of a recent Woody Allen film, To Rome with Love. Very picturesque.

Elkan Congratulations!

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Been at work all day, through 100$ into bitcoin and have been trying to play with the waves so far its been fun.

Naro I’ve been watching it swing all day too. Don’t have much money to work with, my job doesn’t pay me squat, but bought .04 BTC the other day at 200, then .05 more at 170. I use coinbase so it takes a while to get to my account…

Back home, planning to revolutionize the world, as usual.

Too busy with work these days. New challenges and opportunities rise ahead. :wink:

Not constantly here but keeping an eye at least one time everyday.