[Solved] Coins send but not confirmed

I send my coins to Bitrex, but they are not confirmed after few days. Could you help me ?

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First of all:

  • Make a backup of your wallet. In the English version, this is done via File (menu) -> Backup wallet.
    In your language, it might be Plik (menu) -> second option.


The solution to your problem:

  • Remove the transactions, the RDD will be put back into your balance.
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of Reddcoin Core.
  • Make sure you are on the correct chain.
  • Create new transactions, make sure to at least have 0.001 RDD as fee (to make sure the transaction will be confirmed).

We will do the steps together one by one.



  • You haven’t updated Reddcoin Core between making these unconfirmed transactions and now, right?

  • Which version of Reddcoin Core are you using?

  • Can you tell me in which of these 2 folders you see a Reddcoin folder?

    • C:\Program Files
    • C:\Program Files (x86)

    Is it the first one or the second?


If you’d like, I can help you remotely via TeamViewer. Using the software, I will be able to see your screen and even do the steps for you (I will always ask before I do anything). It will be a lot quicker.

If you’re not comfortable with that, I will give you the instructions on how to fix the issue; this will be much slower.

Thank you for you reply…

I tried to add recent blocks… and now I am getting message as below… Now it is CONFLICTED…

I have updated to a new version v3.10.3 now… I am trying to run it on two computers… just in case to check it is a new version.

I understand your comments and can you instruct me how to remove this transaction…? I couldn’t find from Reddcoin core.

Thank you really appreciated…

It never got onto blockchain…

Please try to answer my questions as detailed as possible.

  • Have you made a backup of your wallet?

  • I need to know in which folder Reddcoin Core is installed.
    Is it in “C:\Program Files”… OR is it in “C:\Program Files (x86)”?

how can I contact you directly ?

If you use Telegram, I can send you a link where you can contact me.
Via Telegram, we can arrange a date and time where I can help you directly via TeamViewer (if you want that).

If you don’t use Telegram, you can just post in this topic…

ok send me a link to telegram

I just sent you a PM.

I made a backup for my wallet.
It is in “C:\Program Files”

Thank you.

Please send me your Telegram link as well


Let’s continue in your own thread, here: Sent coins and see confirmations, but nothing showed up on Blockchain.

It’s easier for me to just help 1 person in 1 topic. It becomes confusing and harder to help when multiple people post together in 1 topic… Your issues become mixed and hard to follow.

So please, post in the thread you have created for your issue.

i see you ask from all ppl Telegram / Teamviewer and all those things that can easily scam a person…
may i ask WHO ARE YOU and whats that forum here? i just found it out

Hi there.

I am someone who has been helping others with issues regarding Reddcoin (with for example Reddcoin Core) for a while now. You can check my profile to see my post history. I’ve also been helping others on Reddit (https://reddit.com/r/Reddcoin) and on Telegram (https://t.me/ReddcoinOfficial).

I also have some extra permissions (admin/moderator here, moderator on Reddit); hope that helps a little bit in trusting me. See me as a part of the Reddcoin team.

The people having issue can be split in 2 groups:

  • Tech-savvy, able to answer questions and follow instructions. These people can fix their issues on their own.
  • Non-tech-savvy: having a hard time answering questions (in great detail), unable to follow instructions, possible language barriers. These people can’t easily fox the issues themselves and it would require a great amount of time to solve their issues via text.

I have years of experience of helping, I can sense/see to which groups someone belongs. For the first group (tech-savvy), I write out all the necessary steps. For the second group (non-tech-savvy), I propose TeamViewer, as this is the quickest option to solve the issue. If the person doesn’t want TeamViewer solution (for whatever reason), that’s completely fine by me, I’ll still provide them with the instructions. Will be much slower, but whatever the user prefers.

In all the time that I’ve helped others, I haven’t had a single complaint or whatsoever, my post history here, Reddit and Telegram speaks for itself.

This forum is one of the Reddcoin communities, where people can discuss with each other. See the overview of communities here: https://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/ksb6jd/an_overview_of_the_reddcoin_communities.