[Solved] Didnt recieve coins from bittrex

Hi i used rdd coin core wallet before made a few transactions before . sent coins from bittrex to core wallet but they never showed up… i let it sync to date its been like 4 hours and still hasnt arrived …
bittrex log says sent …

TxId 12369df2502146488e2082b84c31f11de604301eb639618c4f6a836e1b12fcd1copy
Address RpaoKk8ouE4F9Hu4SZGj9MrGYDJkygtqzH
Date 2021/02/14 10:09:40
Symbol RDD
Quantity 9,998.16057692
Commission 2.00000000
Status Completed
Authorized Yes

The transaction is on the blockchain, so Bittrex indeed has sent you the RDDs. The transaction: https://live.reddcoin.com/tx/12369df2502146488e2082b84c31f11de604301eb639618c4f6a836e1b12fcd1.

The issue is on your end, and the solution is to delete your existing blockchain data and to redownload it.

  • Which version of Reddcoin Core are you using?
  • Which operating system are you using? Linux, macOS, Windows?

im using windows 10 x64. iv downloaded blockchain nov 26…

The next steps are:

  • Delete existing blockchain data.
  • Place the blockchain files in the correct location (will be using the blockchain.zip file you downloaded earlier).
  • Let Reddcoin Core finish the syncing.



  • Press the following keys: Windows key + R.
    This opens the ‘Run’ window.
    In that Window, enter:

  • A new window opens, with folders. Search and open the Reddcoin folder.
    This folder is your Reddcoin data folder.

  • Delete the following folders:

    • blocks
    • chainstate
  • Delete the following file:

    • peers.dat
  • Leave this window open.


  • You have previously downloaded the blockchain-Nov-26-2020.zip file.
    Extract the zip file:

    • To unzip all the contents of the zip file, press and right-click the file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions (next, next, next).
  • After the file is extracted, you will see two folders: blocks and chainstate.

  • Move (cut/paste) these 2 folders to the other window that you left open (where you previously deleted folders and a file).

  • → After everything is working again (at the end), you can delete the large blockchain-Nov-26-2020.zip file.


  • Open Reddcoin Core. It will start syncing the rest of the blockchain (last 11 weeks).
    Let Reddoin Core sync.


To speed up the syncing of weeks of syncing, you can do the following:

  • In Reddcoin Core, go to: → Help (menu) → Debug window → Peers.
  • Make the Peers window wider.
  • You are interested in the column ‘User Agent’. Make the column wider to see its contents.
    • User Agent is “Reddcoin:3” = OK.
    • User Agent is “Reddcoin:2” = not OK. Right click on it and ban it for a year.
    • Do these steps for every Reddcoin:2 user agent that you see.


Let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

When the blockchain is fully synced, you should see the transaction from Bittrex.

Thank you for all your help. It’s hard to find true honest help… I see people like to tip you for your help… would you kindly give your receive address so I can compensate you for your time… thanks from Canada…

Glad to read that your issues are solved.

One last piece of information:

When making a new transaction, make sure to include a transaction fee. This will make sure your transaction is confirmed quickly.

Instructions (use this settings in the Send window):

  • At the bottom:

    • Click on ‘Choose…’ at the bottom.
    • Select ‘Custom’.
    • Select ‘total at least’.
    • Set value of ‘total at least’: 1 RDD.
    • Uncheck ‘Send as zero-fee transaction’.
  • At the top:

    • Enter the receiving address
    • Take the transaction fee into account when entering an emount.
      Enter the amount, minus 0.1 RDD.
      • So, if you want to send 123.45 RDD, send 123.35 RDD.
      • 5 RDD → 4.9 RDD.

I appreciate your kind words, and your gesture to tip me.

My address: Rr84Xg6swn28PnZCDg7Xk4fVM82xfWiQ4J