[Solved] Sent RDD to external wallet and havent received them yet

Hello, I sent my RDD to an external wallet but havent received them yet. It has been 4 hours now. I’m using Reddcoin Core version v3.10.2.0-25f95e5-beta (64-bit) on Mac.

Now my RDD wallet is empty. The transaction is not confirmed yet for 4 hours now. All the transaction block are up to date.

Can someone help me out please?

My TransactionID is: 044cc6d097dcac48fd5b85c79251df4ac69bba2c5f15f389548d8bb6a294c7b5-000

First, please update to the lastest version: v3.10.3.

Direct link: https://download.reddcoin.com/bin/reddcoin-core-3.10.3/reddcoin-3.10.3-osx-signed.dmg.


Is the Reddcoin Core application (Reddcoin-Qt.app) placed in the Applications folder?

I’ve installed the latest version. Yes the RDD app is placed in the Applications folder.

Let’s remove the transaction first. The amount will be restored back into your balance.
After this, I’ll tell you how to make a transaction with the correct fee, so the transaction will be confirmed quickly.

  • Open Reddcoin Core and make a backup.

    • File (menu) → Backup wallet.
    • Do not skip this step.
  • After making a backup, exit/close Reddcoin Core.

  • Open the Terminal app.

  • Enter these commands in Terminal:

    • cd /Applications
    • Reddcoin-Qt.app/Contents/MacOS/Reddcoin-Qt --zapwallettxes=1
  • Reddcoin Core will start, let it load. It can take a while.

  • After Reddcoin Core is fully loaded, check your Transactions list and your balance. The transaction should have been removed, and the RDDs are placed back in your balance.

Let me know how it goes. If all went OK, we will continue with the steps next.

Everything went ok. My transactions are placed back and my balance is back.

You may continue with the next steps.


Let check something else first, to make sure you are on the correct chain and are able to make transactions.

  • Reddcoin Core → Help (menu) → Debug window → Console.
  • In Console, enter: getchaintips
  • Wait a little bit after entering. A lot of text will appear on the screen. Scroll to the top.
  • At the top, in the first block of text, you will see ‘Status’.

What is the value of ‘Status’?


In the first block, the status is ‘active’.

Active is good, that’s the correct value.


Let’s make the transaction again.

When sending, do this (in the Send window):

  • At the bottom:

    • Click on ‘Choose…’ at the bottom.
    • Select ‘Custom’.
    • Select ‘total at least’.
    • Set value of ‘total at least’: 1 RDD.
    • Uncheck ‘Send as zero-fee transaction’.
  • At the top:

    • Enter the receiving address
    • Enter the amount, minus 0.1 RDD.
      • So, if you want to send 123.45 RDD, send 123.35 RDD.
      • 5 RDD → 4.9 RDD.


Let me know how it goes.

Okey everything went all ok.

I received the amount of rdd.

Thanks a lot!