Someone to assist with architecture / sanity check coin payment mechanism for web service

Basically I have a few services in the works (small stuff, time constrained by my contracting…). I intend to start accepting payments in coins first. Since I have a vested interest in RDD, I intend to give RDD a head start, and then add Doge and BTC later, but before I look at e.g. cards. I don’t expect this to become a big business anytime soon - I see it as a bit of a demonstration / sideline to the devops consulting that’s my main income.

Here’s the thing: Either I can’t find it, which is perfectly possible as I’ve not had time to look very hard, or there’s really poor documentation on best practices for how to accept coin payments in automated ways without using a third party service. I’ve cobbled together something that will work used reddcoind, but I have no idea if it’s the best solution, if it’s secure enough the way I’ve planned it out, or if it will scale, for starters. I don’t care to learn the hard way, and I don’t want to have to repeat the process for other coins only to find out I’m making things unnecessarily hard for myself.

Basically I need to be able to issue addresses to people for them to deposit coins to my service, and periodically sweep the balances into a mix of hot and stores.

So I’d like to find someone who can 1) give me a rundown of the options first, and if I need it may be able to 2) help put together a suitable solution to run on Linux. Bonus if they are willing to work with me on putting togther a short e-book + example code at the end of it as I think this is something that could be very useful for other people too to get thorough, well tested documentation.

I’ll pay for your time, preferrably in RDD but BTC or fiat is possible too. If we agree to put together something more comprehensive to sell to other people, I can pay for your part of the time investment, or profit share or a combination.

I don’t know how to price this, as I don’t know how much time will be involved, so if you have the experience needed, contact me and lets try to figure it out…

KUDO’S for this, rather than inventing the wheel…it might be wiser to look at whats out there and working all ready.

‘‘cobbling’’ a payment system together might lead to some nasty issues if you get things wrong.

I know nothing about this. Hopefully some one with experience in these matters can help

Redibrek might have some advice for you…watch this thread for his response

Take a read through the Bitcoin BIP70-73 articles (google it). There is a reasonable amount of info and i think this is exactly what you may be looking for.

This is one of the main methods being proposed for merchants to accept payment.
I have been reading, reviewing and doing with what i can with the information.
This is quite interesting as it allows for a 2 way interaction with signed transactions and complete tracking between user and merchant.

Unfortunately, when Reddcoin was forked from Litecoin and subsequently Bitcoin, was before this was fully realised. and is missing for the most part from the QT wallet.
That said, i am discussing how we can bring the QT wallet up to date and bring in some of these features that will be needed for now and into the future.

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Gnasher said:


Thanks for the pointer. Skimming it, it seems like it’d be great for where to go in the future to improve the payment flow, but what I’m concerned about right now is really to get the basics (my entire venture is an exercise in stripping everything down to it’s bare minimum - the first stuff I plan on launching doesn’t remotely resemble what I’ve planned for it to become…)

E.g. BIP70 outlines the typical current process of generating an address and handing it out and waiting for confirmations, and I’d want to support that exactly to be able to support coins that for whatever reasons don’t implement things like BIP70 (it would be great to see this stuff added to Reddcoin, though)

I can get the basic process working using the *coind + RPC calls. But I don’t know if that’s the optimal way (e.g. if it scales to reasonabe number of addresses). Or what considerations to take in securing reddcoind for example. Or what the most efficient way of checking for incoming payments is…

I’m afraid I have no advice on this - I’m not a techie!

For I use a third-party service - I certainly want to upgrade in the future.

I have several vaguish visions of ways in which I would require Reddcoin payment processors to work (based on several separate and distinct real-life scenarios in which I would implement such processors).

  • A system that allows direct payments without a third party (perhaps what you are working on).

  • A system that interacts with Paypal and an exchange of some sort so that Reddcoin payments may be instantly converted into fiat currency and deposited into a Paypal account.

  • Extensions for Magento / Shopify

Anyway, sorry to dump this in here but your thread is bringing these thoughts back to the surface.

I’ll have a look at - thanks for that. How much effort was it getting approved? (EDIT: Though I don’t see RDD on their list of available coins…)

I really want a self-hosted solution in the long run, in part because it seems like one of the reasonably easily realisable benefits of crypto coins, but I’m not religious about it, and I’m focusing very hard on cutting features to the bone as starting point, and then iterate…

Also because like you I think there’s lots of potential for doing all kinds of stuff with payment processing. Especially if suitable documentation and software is available for people to start from. E.g. one of the things I want to eventually do is to let people manage their payments via an API. It seems silly if you can buy and pay for computing resources from cloud services by the hour or even minute, that you end up getting invoiced on a monthly basis and pay manually, for example.

vidarh Litepaid worked fine while it lasted but you are right to point out that RDD is not on their list - it turns out they have removed Reddcoin.

I was worried this might happen and tried writing them about it, but got no response. Now they have gone ahead and removed the currency but did not get in contact to let me know!

My plan was always to implement something more direct in terms of a payment processor, so rather than implement something like I’m taking the site offline to investigate other possibilities. I also have other things in mind for the site that I will now focus on.

Colleagues Reddneads
I spent a year with different kriptovalyutomi oznokamlivalsya and hashing algorithms are not a lot and I have made the statistics that I have just pokozhu
Hash algorithm:
1: SHA-256 Bitcoin, Persoin. etc
2: Scrypt Litecoin, Dogekoin. etc
3: X11 Dash Startkoin and so dalie
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5: ZR5 ziftrCOIN (ZRC)
6: Proof of Stake Velotsity Redkoin Kannakoin
I showed one of the most popular hashing algorithm but I wanted to be witty for your attention to №5. №6 since Algorithm Most of the 1st through 4 many rivals in this algorithm generating and at 5 and 6 kankurentsiya very small and my opinion if you run Redkoin purse on Androyd then I think it will give a big rise. I would like to hear your comments

werdff I am curious why you think having an android wallet would cause a price movement?
I will admit that it is a feature that is required, but i am not convinced that that feature alone would create excitement.

Good afternoon, I also asked this question. But as we all ponemaet that Redkoin created for social network since nostoyaschie, all stonovitsya mobile. Imagine a person walking in the park, he will not carry a laptop it will be easier to take a tablet in the first place, he scammers that, allows to a fotogrofirovat and put in a network but are zaklyuchaetsya mobility because progress is not in place, and if zaglenut in budushee that when he be mobile it can be used to buy tickets to the circus and the movie in a theater … This is my vision to what he PERSPECTIVES big and it odnoznachna.

werdff flexibility to use coins is going to be a huge factor.
Having access on mobile personal devices will go a long way of course.

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Gnasher Did you see the article on Bitcoin in Brazil, one small city has the highest user adoption rate anywhere.
These are people who are adept at using the technology and I would posit a fertile ground to seek Reddcoin adoption
Bitcoin Fever Spreads Across Brazil
Posted by Luke Parker on 27 September 2015 | Comments
Tags: Adoption, Bitcoin, Brazil

Brazil’s economic difficulties aren’t quite on par with those of troubled neighbors Venezuela and Argentina, however, it isn’t that far behind. According to data from the country’s national statistics office (IBGE), consumer price inflation in Brazil has hit record high of 9.57 percent, as measured by Brazil’s IPCA index.

These high inflation rates greatly decrease the purchasing power of the Brazilian currency, the Real.

Redshift Thx for the lead, i will have a read through the article. I have been observing that some countries have a higher adoption. Brazil is certainly a stand out.

My simple thinking was if people are understanding and adopting the technology of Bitcoin, if we are developing it may be a benefit to ensure we have a language option that is inclusive of Chinese Russian Spanish etc

Redshift Do you mean in the QT wallet??
I was just having a look back over the QT wallet, the option seems to exist already to adopt various language packs.
The language files are .ts which are a part of the QT language translation package
So it would seem that we are almost there in this stake.
Would be good if anyone using none english versions could provide feedback.

Reading your previous posting on the Bitcoin in Brazil. I can see that a lot of effort has gone in locally to promote bitcoin and business.
When the time is right, we also need to do our part to promote Reddcoin, and pitch it in the right light.

Gnasher I think I tend to speak generally,if the language support exist for Portugese I might do a post in /r/Brazil and ask for some help testing the QT Wallet with the language option

I am Portuguese and I can say that the qt wallet works well in the language in Portuguese …

the site is that maybe could have versions in several languages

RickLopes Thank you so much if we can maybe do a post linking back to this page and our sub reddit at some point it would be great to let Brazil know Reddcoin is an option for them as well

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Redshift Thanks very much for the tip!

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