Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


I’m in Reddcoin for some time now and there is still the everlasting question how to speed up the first sync of the Reddcoin core wallet.
It takes several hours or days until your wallet is ready.
That’s very uncomfortable.
You will have to wait a long time even if you download the bootstrap.dat.
So i thought why aren’t we simply using the content of the appdata folder and put it online to help other users speed up their first sync?
This would help new users getting started with Reddcoin.

So I’ve uploaded the content of %appdata%\Reddcoin\blocks and %appdata%\Reddcoin\chainstate for you to drop on your PC/Mac.
You just have to put these files on the right place and you’re done.

This are the simple steps to get started:

For the Mac users of you there is a video from ColoCrypto showing how to do it

  1. Download and install the Reddcoin Core Wallet - https://reddcoin.com/get-started/
  2. Start Reddcoin core
  3. The first time it asks you where to put its data - default for PC is something like “C:\Users\ “user”\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin” (AppData is hidden - try tiping "%appdata% in the address bar on Windows explorer to get there)
  • On Mac the default directory is “/Users/ “user”/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin”
    Library is hidden too so you have to go to /Users/“user” then in the top bar “View -> Show View Options” and activate “Show Library Folder”
  1. Download and extract these files to that Reddcoin folder - download [2,9GB last update: 23-06-2018]
  2. Start Reddcoin Core
  3. Profit!

Note: If you are updating your existing/outdated wallet, make sure to backup your wallet.dat first! (for safety reasons)

I’d like to get some feedback on this.
If it’s useful I’ll try to keep it up to date on a weekly basis.


Nice, I hope this helps for the new comers :slight_smile:


Where do I place the Bootstrap file?


Bootstrap isn’t necessary and would even take several hours to sync.
If you follow my instructions it should be done in only a few minutes.


How do I sync faster on Macbook? I am already almost 24h synchronizing and it was not even 10%, I need to transfer my Reddcoin that are in a wallet online.


It worked! Nice! Really easy and something that I think should be posted and updated regularly (weekly maybe) somewhere near the downloading description or be part of it. For me this problem is even something good, because longterm I am confident the reddcointeam will fix it and therefore there is even more potential

Good idea and it should be a fixed post imo


Cinaldo I was able to speed up the synchronization process of my Reddcoin wallet, I already have a green “V” in the lower right corner of the Reddcoin wallet, I use a Macbook Retina, I did the process indicated at the beginning of this polst, but in step “3” the way inside the Mac is as follows: / User / “user name” / Library / Application Support / Reddcoin
remember that the folder is hidden, the rest of the process is the same, including the file used is the same as the one used in windows, just download the link indicated in step “4” of this polst. Thank you and hopefully contributed to the community. A hug here from Brazil!


Cinaldo Efte
Thank you both for your feedback!
I just wanted to test it on my macbook but now as i know it will work I can update this tutorial.

I think it’s not as easy for everyone to understand it the first time so i’m planning to add up some pictures and detailed information.


ball0r You’re welcome. It’s not easy at all, do this that will help a lot of people.


started stalking, how long to get some coin ?


Hi there guys,

I am trying to sync my wallet but can’t get it through. I downloaded the blockchain but still 19 weeks behind. It’s been like 4 hours and still 19 weeks behind, would really use some help.


Worked just fine for me.
After copying the folders from the zip to the RDD folder, shown me 7 weeks to sync then finished in about 20 minutes to fully sync.

Thanks a lot :wink:


you got a tip :slight_smile:


Efte Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Really cool, thank you. Worked perfectly fine for me.


Worked for me! Thanks alot


i use macbook .step 3 i can’t find reddcoin in application support and i am sure it is not invisible ,someone help me pls ?


Maybe you have changed the path for data directory on the first start?
In finder try to search for wallet.dat.
It will be located in the right folder.


ball0r thnx i found file but still my wallet is out of sync :frowning:


Thanks! it’s not working for me yet, but should I unzip the container folder into / Library / Application Support / Reddcoin or just overwrite the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders?