Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


Yes, the blocks and chainstate folders have to be replaced.
They are containing the files needed for sync.


ball0r I tried everything as stated and prompted, and I’m only receiving a “Synchronizing with Network…”

I downloaded the file and followed the mac prompt for my MBP. I want to purchase more RDD but I want to download the wallet first.

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong.


The wallet has to get the latest Transactions so “Synchronizing with Network” doesn’t sound bad to me.
If it’s not finishing within the next half hour since your last post, can you provide some screenshots? (Cmd+Shift+3)
Make sure you’re not accidentially giving away any critical data!


Thank you, worked for me. I wasted all night trying to get the bootstrap to work but even that was taking forever to sync. Your solution took less than a minute. It shows me that it synced to the last 7 hours, but the wallet will crash hear and there. I see my wallet balance though. I guess that’s a good sign right ? :slight_smile:


If it shows your balance it’s a good sign and you should be able to make some transactions.
But Reddcoin Core should not crash.
It’s running very stable for me.
Unfortunately I have no idea what to do against these chrashes.


Will the ReddCoin app update normally after replacing the files? As in, if there are future updates to the app there wouldn’t be any issues? Anyways THANKS got mine to sync within minutes


Some basic mechanics of the app have to be changed until this files can’t be used anymore.
Basically what you are doing is injecting the files which will otherwise be downloaded by the reddcoin network.


ball0r the wallet has been syncing the entire night (3:30AM-10:00AM). Still no movement and says “Synchronizing with network” and progress bar has not moved at all.



Well, everything looks right on your screenshot.
If you hover with your mouse over the bar or the two yellow arrows what does it say?


ball0r Nothing is prompted.

EDIT: Never mind, says 3 years and 18 weeks, didn’t load up when I first placed it over.


Okay, this is something we can work with.
On a completely fresh install it would say 3 years and 45 weeks.
So something has happened since it was installed.
But obviously you’ve made a mistake importing my uploaded files.
If they were on the right place your wallet should not be over 3 years behind.
Please check that out.


Someone in the community needs to make a how to sync Reddcoin wallet for dummy’s clip (youtube hits hehe)… Its going to put new comers off, when other wallets are far less complicated.

Reddheads unit this is our future and chance to take our “coin” to the next level!! We are all active on the web… Promote Reddcoin at every oppertunity, The more people that learn about our exciting enterprise and what we have to offer… well you know the rest!!


I thought about that too but I’m not that kind of youtube guy.
Even an official channel for such knowledge things would help.
I can post this here and there but still many people will miss this because it’s not official or even pinned at the forum.
I’m very sad about the devs not being consequent about the usage of this forum.
One day you get news on twitter the other day in telegram and maybe every half year there is something on the Reddcoin Homepage…

edit: I see it coming.
Tomorrow the next guys are asking how to get their wallet faster synced while the answer is already here - thats very frustrating for them and for me too.


ball0r Wow! Thank you so much. I had this thing running for a week syncing, loading, etc, etc and it was making zero noticeable progress. Really appreciate this. Thank you very much. -Mike



You are very welcome :slight_smile:


DomainPython Also, I agree that this should be added to a main / official thread. Doing otherwise was getting me nowhere. Also note that I had sent 32K worth of my wallet before it had synced, so that was stressing me a bit wondering if it was in fact added. It was, thanks again.


Hey Ballor I just gave you a tip… CHECK YOUR WALLET :slight_smile: bom!
Our community needs more miniums like you…

We can all take a lesson from this book!


I’d say ballor is a hero for all the help he is putting in… unfortunately i havnt been able to get my hands on any reddcoins yet but im looking forward to try the tipping feature the first time!


ball0r I used your tutorial and it is all clear to me. I extracted the ZIP file and uploaded it in the appdata section of the reddcoin app. My wallet still says that it is not syncronizing and is three years and 16 days behind,. I also have no connection with the network… do you know a solution for this?


Your biggest problem the missing connection.
Sometimes it’s a fault by the firewall.
Can you check that it’s not blocking the connection?