Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


ball0r I tried it again and now i have only 19 hours left (because your data is from yesterday). but i have still no connection and it does not seem that my firewall is blockind Reddcoin…
I bought reddcoin yesterday (More than 19 hours ago… ) and don’t see them in my wallet now… I but the back-up of the wallet also in the Appdata file.
Does this relate to the lack of connection? do you maybe have other tips?


ball0r i have changed some bitcoins to reddcoin trough shapeshift, but i haven’t received the coins because the wallet is not sync yet.
If i follow all these steps for accelerate the process i will still receive the coins? Thanks for the help!


Where you store your backup doesn’t have an effect on Reddcoin core.
There has to be another reason for your connection problem.

You can’t lose any coin by this process, your balance is safely stored in the blockchain.
But it is very important to keep your wallet.dat untouched.
If anything happens to that file you can easily lose your Reddcoin.


ball0r Mmh yeah it is weird… i am trying to figure it out but there are not really that much forums about this topic… Do you have tips?


Have you checked your router settings?
You could open port 45444 (TCP) to your pc.


ball0r Thanks, it worked:) I am finally connected to the Redcoin network:)
Yesterday I made a request in my wallet and received an adress for this request. I used this adress when I bought reddcoin… I can see this adress/request in my wallet(from the back-up) but there are no reddcoins in my wallet…
Do you know how i can fix this, or if i lost my reddcoin?


Oh, I didn’t really expect that but it’s good to know :slight_smile:

Maybe your coins aren’t sent yet.


ball0r Haha yeah it wasn’t the port, but i just did some trial and error:) Mmh okay i hope so than… this is the status (see RigcUqg1XGTKUGUY4S4pgHmyasz56rLiwp), does this mean that the transaction is still in the pipeline? Do i have to do anything? When I receive the Reddcoins I will make sure that I tip you:)!!


This is strange.
The transaction is created and fully confirmed so you should have 25912RDD on your wallet.

Edit: Let’s try this

  • close Reddcoin core
  • Press windows key+r
  • type in “C:\Program Files\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe -rescan” and press enter


mmh yeah and that address is the exact same as the receiving address in my wallet… Do you know if i can contact somebody with such a question, who can help me?


ball0r Sorry I didnt see you edit… but It worked!! You are a fucking hero:) I will tip you tommorrow right away!! I have to go now (Christmas drinking haha) But i figure out tomorrow how to tip and you will be rewarded for your good help haha:)


Nice good that i could help :slight_smile:
Have fun on your Christmas Party!


ball0r This is what I did https://imgur.com/a/jRkRc

Thank you for the help, let me know if I misplaced the file.


looks like a mess :wink:
in the right column the folder “Reddcoin qui… 12.2017] 2” includes a “blocks” and “chainstate” folder right?
move them to the second right column and overwrite the existing ones.
This should do the trick.


ball0r Hey Ballor I just gave you a tip… CHECK YOUR WALLET :slight_smile: bom!
Our community needs more miniums like you…

We can all take a lesson from this book!


ball0r Got everything fixed!

Thank you so much! I accidentally deleted my wallet in the process that had coins on it, but was able to recover it in the hard drive. Just got shifted to a different file. Haha, Again, thank you so much for the help and info.


ball0r No longer crashing for me, I guess it was resuming the sync.


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ball0r thank you for everything, sent a tip your way! I got everything synced up.


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Thank you very much for your tips!
I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

How can I help?
If possible let’s deal with your problem here on reddcointalk so everybody may learn from it.