Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac



Nvm, I see that is the right one for mac /Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin



Also it took about 12 hours for me to sync.


ball0r Hi, thanks for your reply. My first mistake was entering in user/user into my URL bar instead of my finder. Once entered properly I was able to click “Show Library Folder”. My question is how do I extract your "blocks & chainstate files into the reddcoin folder? Do I just download then drag and drop? Sorry for the newb questions… I’m not very tech savvy. Hope you’re having a merry christmas. :slight_smile:


Yes, It’s a zip archive and in there are two folders.
Just drag and drop them and override the existing ones.


ball0r Do I need to delete the preexisting folders or just drag and drop. Just asking because when I dragged and dropped and restarted the wallet nothing had changed.


thanks for eveyones help. My question now is the same question I had before. I have opened up the Reddcoin quick sync and it shows 2 files:

What do I do with these and how?


CoinChaos okay thanks…so my sync indicator has not moved at all…should I back up wallet & then try to download a new set up from Reddcoin? Are you saying it took 12 hrs after downloading the file 2.6 GB file link provided above? I mean shouldn’t my syncing to network indicator show something after an hour or two ?


also move the deleted wallet.dat to where and how. Sorry for the easy questions but I really am new but excited about RDD


Reddcoin core has to be closed before you copy the files.
Try to delete the two folders first but don’t do anything to your wallet.dat (back it up first!)

copy the folders to the right directory as described in my first post.
the wallet.dat belongs to the same directory. (C:\Users\ “user”\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin)


ball0r okay, thanks, I’l try again…so far no movement on syncing with network indicator…I will look at the screenshots and see if I may have messed up somewhere.


If you hover with your mouse over the bar it should show you some extra information.
What does it say?
Does the number of processed blocks change after some time?


ball0r When you say reddcoin core are you referring to the reddcoin core wallet trying to sync


I’m referring to the software itself.
It has to be closed prior to any changes.


ball0r yes numbers are huge but they are changing…syncing to network green bar indicator has not moved at all… should I just check back tomorrow to see if anything happened? how long should it take to sync to network? Also it says hasn’t updated for over 3 years…whatever that means (?)


If the numbers are changing and you are just some hours behind everything is fine.
If it says you’re three years behind then you’ve copied “blocks” and “chainstate” folder to the wrong place


ball0r I down loaded the 2.6 GB file, opened it, then copied it… it was labeled Reddcoin quick sync file…I pasted it in library > application support > Reddcoin folder - now that folder has files labeled > blocks, chain state, database, db.log, debug log, peers.dat, wallet.dat - a folder called Reddcoin quick sync - I don’t know if I missed a step or copy and pasted to wrong folder…I don’t even know how to access C: drive on my Mac… I followed path to library access folders


I’m also really excited about RDD!!
I bought RDD and before having the wallet synced completely I transfered my coins to the given address in Reddcoin-Qt. Of course i cannot yet see my balance since it is still (very slowly) syncing. But I checked on the official blockchain explorer for reddcoin and it went through.


  1. is it safe to use the method described by ball0r? I’m a bit worried to lose my coins…
  2. where is my balance/my coins “stored”? is it already stored in the “wallet.dat”-file even though wallet is still syncing?
  3. should I just don’t touch anything even though it could take weeks to be fully synced?

sorry for the noob questions :wink:


The folder “Reddcoin quick sync” contains “blocks” and “chainstate”.
You have to move these folder one level up replacing the existing ones.


This method is completely safe if you don’t mess with your wallet.dat file.
Just back this file up (preferably after every transaction from now on) and everything will be fine.
Your coins will be “stored” in the blockchain manage by the network.
Only your wallet.dat with the private keys stored in it will grant you access to use your coins.


ball0r One last question… how do I tip you? :slight_smile: