Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


Just klick on “Tip ball0r” and it should open a window on your Reddcoin wallet where you can enter the amount and send it on its way.


ball0r I’m hopeless… where’s the “Tip Ballor” button.


right below my signature there’s a little Reddcoin symbol


something happened here :slight_smile:
Are really you sure you want to tip me that much?


ball0r are you familiar with remote access? The more I try the more I believe Im messing things up


ball0r Thanks again… you’re the best! Here are some idiot proof instructions for the slower peeps such as myself (please feel free to revise if I’m off)

  1. If you haven’t already, download and Install Reddcoin Core Wallet.
  2. Immediately back up your wallet, you can do this by clicking FILE then selecting “back up wallet.”
  3. Now close Reddcoin Wallet.
  4. In the FINDER (magnifying glass top right) enter /Users/“user” (which is your Username/user)
  5. Once this folder opens, click VIEW (top left, then select Show View Options” and activate “Show Library Folder”
  6. Go to Ballor’s 4. from original thread and download and extract the Zip file.
  7. Go back to the Finder, enter “/Users/ “user”/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin” (the second user in this sequence will be your username). Top two folders should be “blocks” and “chainstate” Delete these files.
  8. Open the folder you just downloaded and drag “blocks” and “chainstate” into the folder you just deleted them from: “/Users/ “user”/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin”
  9. Open your Reddcoin Wallet and BOOM (it took my wallet about 1 minute for the coins to transfer into my wallet.
  10. Tip Ballor for being brilliant enough to figure this out for us :slight_smile:


ball0r Heck yeah, you’re doing the lord’s work and that deserves to be rewarded! Thanks again!


patrickdamon I am sorry but im much slower than slow. Which username/user are you reffering to?


In that case I have to thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I’m glad I could help.

If you are aware of the safety risk and still want me to remotely access your PC we could connect using teamviewer.
Patrickdamon is on Mac so this wont help you out but in either case “user” is referring to the account name on which you are logged in on your PC.


patrickdamon PS - Want to clarify these instructions are for MAC :slight_smile:


ball0rI dont have a choice and I can only pray that your a decent individual and from everything I have read from your post I believe that to be the case
Im at odds in and this was a longterm investment for me my brother and my mom. Your assistance would be most appreciated and I will make it 5000 rdd if you able to fix this


I’ve messaged you in chat it should appear on your top right corner


Jordan533 ps. I will need assistance with team viewer as well




I’m new on this platform and have a question. I’ll hope you can help me.
I downloaded the ZIP file to sync my wallet faster. A few days ago I bought some Reddcoins and used the walletadress the Reddcoin Core application showed me. However, the wallet have to sync more then tree years of blocks. My question is can I use the ZIP file to sync faster and shall in the end my Reddcoins will be delivered in my wallet? Thanks you very much in advance for your reaction.



The complete process will have no negative effect on your balance and pending transactions.
All these things are happening on the network itself.
Just make sure to backup your wallet.dat <- this is the only thing which will grant you access to your coins


ball0r Your an asset to Reddcoin ballor… you just received 5RDD tip, check your wallet :slight_smile:


I tried to copy the files to the folder, but it says there isn’t enough room. Does anyone know how to solve this?


The blocks file can not be transferred because of its size. Even if I delete all files except the wallet.dat file I can’t transfer it.


In that case it seems to me like you have not enough free space left on your PC.
You will need at least 4GB.
If you look in your download folder maybe there is a lot of stuff you don’t need.
Delete that to free up some space.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


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