Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


ball0r you sir deserve a medal! It worked thank you



Yes he does or a tip lol. Just make sure you backup your wallet after every transaction.


We’re in process of updating core to sync faster without having to bootstrap, download the blockchain from a third party (unadvised), etc. Downloading the blockchain from a third party implies trust of that data in an otherwise trust-less system.


This would be very appreciated.
Please consider some additional backup mechanisms too. (or even more information about that)
When you’re looking at the history of last problems appearing at this forum there are a lot people losing coins because of problems referring to that.



Thanks for your reaction. Just another question…
Do I have to restore the backup of wallet.dat into the original map?



Sorry for the noobness, but to what purpose does the wallet sync up for?


ball0r That’s actually something else I’d like to build in for future releases. A scheduled backup function that allows a user to just set a daily backup



Amongst other reasons, it is to confirm that you still own the coins you had or to add the ones you bought at a later time. Your coins are in reality not stored in your wallet but all coins are stored at the blockchain. Your wallet simply stores ‘keys’ that give you acces to your coins in the blockchain. You could install the same wallet on a different computer and keep your ‘keys’ safe there as well, should anything happen to your current computer. That doesnt mean you doubled your coins. So if you sell on the one computer, the other will sync when you connect to internet and update your true value.

Hope that kind of makes sense…


Redd3030 I had the same issue yo did. I sent over 3K reddcoin to my wallet. I also accidentally deleted my wallet but I found it in the trash bin on my computer (PHEW). What I did was pull up the library on my mac under my user name (which is my real name). I un-hid library like Ballor said to do and I completely replaced the blockchain and chainstate with the one provided in the zip file that Ballor attached. Don’t just drop the entire file into the reddcoin file, but take the blockchain and chainstate and replace them individually with the blockchain and chainstate that Reddcoin is trying to upload. Sorry for the delay in response, the holidays kept me away. Hopefully this helps, let me know if you need further assistance.



Thank you very much for sharing this :slight_smile:


ball0r Great job man. I registered on here just so that I could commend you on your idea to put this on here. I’ve been going crazy for a couple of days now and in 10 mins your post resolved everything. Great F@#$%ng Job. Thanks.


Tipped, you saved me a lot of time.


Man, am I lost! I am new to all of this and i have read and read and read. Im lucky to have come across this particular post, but alas, it’s like a foreign language to me. Uuuugh.
I wish someone could just tap into my computer and do the thing…and BAM. Done. I feel like I’m going to jack something up on my computer albeit old; it get’s the job done.
I have other questions on opening up the port on router and something with the firewall to allow an “open node”?? for more connections



You’re amazing Ballor, it worked fine. I don’t have any Reddcoin yet (as I wanted to make sure I had a working wallet first) but the coin seems to have great potential, though in my view it could be hyped up a bit more than it is; put in on Whatsapp as a button or Facebook, Twitter etc.

One question if I may; if I wanted to now put my wallet on my iMac (I currently have it synched on my Macbook), if I copy the contents of the Reddcoin library on my Macbook to the Application Support directory on the iMac, will I be able to avoid resynching the whole blockchain on the iMac?

Thanks again for your great suggestion and help to all us newbies to cryptocurrencies and wallets et al!


I’m glad i could help. :slight_smile:

The files should be interchangeable between Mac OS and Windows.
But to be safe make a backup of your wallet.dat first!


I will, Ballor; thanks again for your help! Very much appreciated!


ball0r Can you help me? I downloaded MAC software and without a blink of an eye, I transfered money into the RECEIVING address and it’s not syncing. Can you help me please…my email address is move4free02gmail.com. Once you email me Ill respond back with my phone number…any help is appreciated. I too will tip you to get the ball rolling. Thanks


tried saving and got error message: “There was an error trying to save the wallet data to /Users/Giovanni/Downloads/Reddcoin backup.dat.”


This shouldn’t be a big problem don’t worry!
But it’s late now (midnight @ GMT+1) so i have to go to bed.
Would you mind if I help you in approximately 17 hours?

edit: If Reddcoin core is still running try to export your private key.
Keep it safe and don’t show it anybody (not even me!)
Your coins will be safe if you got that key.


I have tried and replaced both files. But I got an error and now the wallet says: “Reindexing blocks on disk” and the progress is very slow (3 years and 33 weeks). Any idea?
Thanks in advance.