Speed up initial wallet sync on Windows/Mac


Doesn’t seem to work on my Windows 7 laptop. "%appdata% doesn’t show up in my windows explorer.


1upleague try pressing both the Windows and the R key and enter “%appdata%” (without the quotes!)


Wondering if you could help me out. First install Reddcoin Core, goes to C:\Program Files\Reddcoin. After install, there is no appdata folder for Reddcoin showing up on the computer at all. Only folders in the Reddcoin folder are daemon and doc, none of which contain chainstate or blocks. What am I missing?



initialize the wallet by running the application after install.
a DATA folder will be generated in %appdata%
create a backup of your wallet.
This is absolutely critical since I notice a lot of posts where people lose their wallet.dat file and cannot access their coins.
Save the backup in a safe location.
I save 2 copies on separate drives just in case one crashes.
If you decide to encrypt the wallet, make sure you save that passphrase or your wallet is doomed.
close the wallet application.
go to Windows search and type in %appdata%
Reddcoin folder should be there.


Wow that worked a treat. Trying to sync the wallet was really off putting and something that needs to be made much easier as new users take up using this coin. Thanks for the advice, It should be in the main instructions rather than on the help forum.


Does it work for the the ReddWallet? Or just Core?


ball0r I’m a bit lost (and new) so, do I need to reinstall the wallet and then follow your instructions? I had already set up the wallet and transferred coin to it not realizing the sync would take this long… Or do I follow these instructions once the wallet had already been downloaded?


This should work for both wallets.
The files are located in “Locale” instead of “Roaming” on Windows.
But this doesn’t matter as Reddwallet isn’t working anymore.
I’ve tested it on Windows and Mac Os and I am getting no connection.
This software is from 2014 so please don’t use that!

You don’t have to reinstall it.
Just put the files to the right directory and replace any old files.
But first make sure to backup your wallet.dat properly!


Hi thanks.
Ok I am trying I hope it works.
Indeed it is really frustrating to have this wallet which does not want to synchronize.
I am a new comer, I find it even scary


Hi I think I finish the procedure but it does not seems to change anything.
Do I have to change something or delete a file for it to work? Please help me here.


ball0r It worked for the reddwallet, and the wallet itself is functioning


Hi did the reinstall and moved the wallet.dat file back after the clean install but now it just says reindexing blocks on disk and it’s crawling slowly with the rainbow wheel spinning on the mac and it’s not doing anything…


Worked great! Thanks for this, I let it go for days and it was only 20%. This took minutes and I am only 2 days behind on the block chain now!!! I was still over 3 years behind before this!


Worked great thank you. If we want to back up our coins or wallet we just save the wallet.dat file it seems? After I downloaded file and replaced my files (Mac) it took about 5 minutes to sync. And put my coins over about 5 minutes later transferred very fast from my exchange.


ball0r So brilliant. Thanks a lot! From almost 4 years to two weeks in no time. Nice! Just one question: I have been waiting about 2½ hours for the last two weeks to sync up. Is that to be expected? Or should I close everything and start up again. Best regrads from public_service.


2 weeks can take quite some time… just leave it open for now…


I like the idea behind Reddcoin but these kinds of things (my initial sync is taking a few hours already) are really embarrassing.

More importantly: these little things are certainly not helping Reddcoin to be used by the general public.

Can’t this be fixed?


has anyone updated the dat file to be somewhere around complete as of 3/4/18


I need help i do not know where to paste the updated blockchain…
my wallet folder
my rdd wallet


I followed the instructions and went from 3years to 5 weeks. However, my wallet says “No Block sources available” “0 active connections to the reddcoin network” “wallet is offline” Have you experienced this before? If so please give me some more tips to fix this. Thanks.