Sponsor Urban farm that accepts Reddcoin

Would anyone be interested in helping us build an urban farm that accepts Reddcoin? The idea would be to be self sustainable. The farm would hold assets in Reddcoin and Evergreen coin. Excess food would be traded in coin adding value to the coin. Our savings would be held partially in Reddcoin as well always meaning we would be buying up Reddcoin. So even if a person bought in cash we would transfer part of that money into coin everytime we built up an extra 5-10 dollars.

shadowradio love it

shadowradio how to do this?

dddthemachine I can setup a donation page you can also send tips to my RDD address that is where I am saving up. Our Urban farm has planted 2 apple trees, 2 paw paw trees, We are in the process of raising money for some cherry trees. Our plan is to expand through Kansas City for live produce sales while offering seeds and smaller items online for cheap. Once established we will be donating money to other pools to get setup. We should have a crypto farm in every city.

shadowradio how do we know this is legit?

dddthemachine I can send in photos of our progress I work with Evergreen coin already collecting bounties. We also have started a facebook and Twitter that keeps things updated. We wont be asking for much at all in our first few fund raisers as we have joined the Arbor Day foundation so we now can get our trees for cheap. Our first fundraiser will need no more than 50 dollars to meet its goal. Once that goal is met and the trees are delivered we would send in photo’s and videos of that progress. Ultimately there is some risk as there always is risk. All I can do is work up to earn your trust bit by bit.

Thank you to whoever sent a thousand RDD our way! We are now up to 95 thousand coin in our personal address. We also have 2 people holding coin in our wallet helping increase staking time!

shadowradio why don’t use the profit to advertise on social media: Facebook, Youtube etc.

ReddheadDon would be a good idea. The plan is to stake up to 1 dollar a week or more which we are getting close to. Use the staked funds to build up our product. As of now this is just coming into a tangible stage. We are cloning trees to sell and now about to start producing mint. Our trees wont produce until next season most likely. Once we get up and running our plans include buying cheap land here and converting them into food forests and trading in coin. I like the idea of advertising its for sure in our plans as we network our current efforts into one movement with selling through the new online store.

Been converting bitcoin change from transactions over. We collect bounties as of now but I have been having to live off the bitcoin a bit. The extra change I have decided will go into this project.