stake reward


can someone tell me about stake reward because i hear somthing like if i hold my Redd on wallet i will get rewards but i can not really understand.
i got my REDD on yobit btw

I’ve been staking for quite some time. The RDD needs to be in “YOUR” ReddCoin Wallet that is Synced and Unlocked for Staking. You need to Download the Wallet and it may take a long time for it to sync. Days and days, and it may be up to months and months by now. I believe the current reward is 5% of what you have in your wallet. The rewards are deposited into your wallet about every 4 days or so. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Actually it took about a week to sync and that was because I turn off my computer during the day. So, if you have a 27x7 connection I bet it could complete in maybe 3 days. But I’m looking forward to my first block and it may take longer because of my downtime. Oh well.