StakeUI - Your staking interface


I’ve created StakeUI,

I just wanted to post it so people could see it, you’ll need to read the readme for information for now, a bit busy.
but will update this post/thread tomorrow.

screenshots: (They are a bit old, will get those updated aswell)

Thanks everyone.

If you find it useful, please consider a donation.

Convertor this is very cool, I will set this up on my server this weekend

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I shall use this one for remote viewing.

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this is pretty cool! Definitely worth a little tip!

EDIT: How hard would this be to convert to a Windows version?

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bmp02050 Thank you very much sir ! glad you like it.

When I first started it was meant to be working on reddpi, for those using that for staking, but I saw that it would be a good idea to make it work all over, so Windows should also work.

The only thing I can think of would be the cronjob for stats, not sure how they are handled on windows, but I can research it, so you can use that aswell on windows :slight_smile:

I can do a test later if you want me to? :slight_smile:

Convertor I’m sure creating a scheduled task would take care of it. I’d love to get my R.Pi staking but our internet at home is sickeningly slow. I have a few MH/s of mining equipment sitting idle too that I wanted to use to purchase more Rdd with, but again, slow interwebs. Anyways, I’ll have to set this up after my little Maine vacation and check it out!

bmp02050 “scheduled task”, ah yes. that is right. Well. Then it should work out of the box, just remember to set the right folder permissions to the db and backups folder :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes or need any help :slight_smile:


A workable model , Developers have to ensure it is capable of 33.6kbps at least. Of course, higher the better.

In the States, because of freewill deed, things become complicated. Companies prefer freewill locations instead of lease locations. I’m an outsider, I only know freewill deeds may be one of the major idea killers. Some people have been doing right now, especially in Detroit,I think .I also know some extrema in central zone. You need Google’s help as others like BS.

A little graph which can be seen from StakeUI, this one it over network weight for the last days.


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Cool stuff. Sent you a tip, keep up the good work.

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RDDRocket Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I like the innovative project but while it is complete you can make a little interest by keeping a reserve of your coins in this exchange just take a wiew

Updated graph which can be seen from StakeUI, this one it over network weight since 5/15


Network weight from the last month time.

network weight over last month


Nice, time to get my client staking 24/7 :slight_smile:


Convertor How does it have values for next month already? Are you a wizard?


livefromheaven haha, nope… I’m not a wizard :wink:

Convertor said:

Network weight from the last month time.

Its not from the next month, but from the last month :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see what you mean now, hmm… I guess my StakeUI pi is in sync with time… let me check that up.

I can see Reddex chart does the same.

It has something today with the charts, gotta research whats thats about.

Reported bug to, now I need to wait until they reply.

everything is correct on my end but the chart somehow goes one month ahead.

Thanks for seeing the bug livefromheaven

Problem has now been fixed :slight_smile:

Network weight from the last month time.

network weight over last month

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