Staking ? Any more info on it?

When Staking at what time and or block does it get distributed, and is there a like in-depth explanation for staking?

Why i ask is because if the Stake is true and i get 330K is that 330K RDD per day ? that is alot , and would be about 400$ a day depending on the time of stake and price of BTC.

This is why i asked (i will look about the forums on what it is and how to equate everything.

What does it matter if i have the application (mac) wallet open and let it run , is this helping the block (like mining) ? There are just so many questions. lol

You will get 5% yearly.

5% of 2 million = ~100,000 RDD a year.
An average of around ~8400 RDD a month, ~2000 RDD a week.

You should read this:

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You will get 100k per annum. Or 2000per week.
.1% weekly.


ok so could you explain this ?

As i have seen some say oh it said i get in this time, then i get this amount in this time and it resets, the

Expected to earn reward once every ## hours/days

is this a countdown? because it keeps going down but not paying out in the amount of time it states.

I have a few more questions , but parenting must happen

Network weight has to do with coin maturity. Its complicated. The older the coins - the more confirmations within more blocks - therefore - higher weight.
And you will get 287RDD per day. Usually I get the first week stake at once and then once per day.

Thank you for the clarification.

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That’s a nice one, it gives a simple explanation to some notions like coin age etc.

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