Staking - anyone been rewarded yet?

Hey REDDHEADS, got my coins in the windows wallet and have them staked in hopes to earn some more

however everytime i add more coins the reward day number increases - has anyone got coins for staking

The amount of time it takes to stake depends on the network weight - the more people with coins that are staking, the longer it will take to get a reward… It also depends on how many coins you have and your network weight (which increases rapidly at first then gradually)…

I got one stake reward about 15/20 days ago, but nothing since… You will get there though, it might just take a bit of time… Out of interest, how many coins do you have staking?


am staking xxx,xxx number of coins - normally in trading and investing i do not discuss direct amounts.
I like the idea of staking however its pretty slow in reddcoin - could have kept them in exchange and day traded them up and down

That’s fine :slight_smile: As I said, the higher the number, the better :slight_smile: With about 10k coins, I estimate a stake about once a month, so obviously for 100k it would be more like 3/4 days I imagine, and so on…


Was reading i Reddcoin need mature coins to get better staking results? this could be why my transfers had been recent from exchange

Yes, when the coins enter your wallet, there is an 8 hour ‘cooldown’ before you can stake with them called ‘maturing’ - you can spend them or move them between wallets in this time, but doing so resets the 8 hours and means you have to wait another complete 8 hours for the transferred coins to start staking.


Trespasin_minds - I added coins to my wallet for the 1st time ever on 12/23/17. I read that it takes 8 hrs for the coins to mature. I received a message stating that I would be rewarded in over 4000 days. That time changed dramatically over a matter of hours. I got a reward on 12/26/17. This was an initial test. I added the rest of my coins 2 days ago and was rewarded today and expected to get another reward in 1 more day. My wallet is on a Mac btw.

I am staking also. When i first started it said 75 days and in 5 days the number of days went down to 7 days. And now the last 3 days it has been saying the same 7 days till reward. What is the deal?
I have more then 10K coins and i have been staking since 21.12.17

tdubblea how are U getting the rewards so frequent ?
Do U have that much coins and it goes faster or what?

It fluctuates up and down depending on the overall network weight - the more coins being staked around the world, the longer it will take each person to find a block because there is more competition for it.


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ceacea3891 What are you smoking bro

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What version of the wallet are you guys using? Have been staking for 2 weeks now with no rewards. It’s been saying for about 1 week now that I will receive a reward once every 1 day. Got nothing so far :frowning:

Pbzrpa AM USING THE latest and not getting anything - my weight seems very low for number of coins.

Trespasin_minds you may as well go to the casino Red/Black trading like that. hehe

Ok Guys It go something like this…

  • The more coins you have in your wallet the more your going to earn! (Interest rate: 5% inflation yearly)

  • The longer your coin lives in your wallet the more that coin is worth… Every time a coin is transferred its age is reset… All new coins will continue to stake at there new age

  • The larger the staking amount the more you earn

  • Higher amounts of network traffic make earns higher as well

I have been staking for a while now and I’m earning daily payments of ***RRD everyday some days receiving more coins then other… over all the amounts have increased since I first started.

Take a look at Reddcoin Proof of Stake Velocity

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Al3x5andar That is an excellent question. Since my post things have changed. My wallet stated that I would be rewarded everyday. As of today my wallet stated that I had no mature coins, which is untrue. All of my coins are older than 8 hrs. I rebooted my Mac, then my wallet said it would reward in 4000 days ago. That was about an hr ago and now its down to 108 days. I hope someone can explain this.

tdubblea Since your original post, have you been rewarded for staking? If you have, that will be why you have/had no mature coins - every time you stake, your coin age is reset to 0 and the staking process starts again…


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CaffeinatedSloth That makes sense. I set my wallet up on the Saturday before xmas, then left for 4 days. When I came back I had been rewarded. A few days later I added the rest of my coins to my wallet and I was rewarded in the middle of the night the next day. The coins probably matured while I was at work being that it takes 8 hrs. I now have what seems to be 3 rewards that have been generated but not confirmed (kind of pending). I set to reward in another day or 2.

SO let me see if I get this straight…
I start staking everyday in the morning (open the wallet and let it sync for a minute) and have it open till i go to sleep.
Are you telling me that because I shut down every night my wallet that the coins in it have to mature everyday to start staking???
Or did I get this wrong??
Thanks for your help guys

tdubblea no worries :slight_smile: It’s confusing at first but makes sense - when you stake, the wallet sends the coins from your wallet straight to your wallet to reset the coin age so you have to stake them again before you can see another block reward…

Al3x5andar not quite… Shutting down your wallet is fine - your coins will still mature and age while you’re gone, but you won’t actually have a chance of finding a block while the wallet is offline as you aren’t contributing it to securing the network. When it comes back online, however, your coin weight will be greater so finding a block will still happen :slight_smile:

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