Staking - Estimated Reward every X Time - Resets on new Deposit?

Hey there,

So, when I first synced the wallet and made deposit it said that I might get a reward every 1200 days - it has since dropped down to 6, I just doubled my deposit and it went to 4 now… My question is, does the counter reset on every deposit too? Like it said every 6 days and I was roughly 4 days in - and now it’s 4 do I wait another 4 days, or should it pop in 2 give or take?

It is all to do with your ‘total weight’ and the ‘network weight’ - the higher your total weight (increased by having more coins in the wallet over time), in proportion to the network weight, the less time a stake will take. If the network weight jumps up drastically, your time to stake will too because there is more competition to find the block.