Staking/minting question

Is there a fixed % for Staking?
Is there a certain amount of coins for the wallet to start staking?

5% compound annually.

1 coin has the potential to stake. 1,000,000 coins have a much better potential to stake. All you need are coins, to keep your wallet open and unlocked if you locked it, and an internet connection.

bmp02050 Thanks. Have 350k coins now in my wallet and some for trading so it should be ok. Just have to wait. :slight_smile:

bmp02050 if I was minting and then stopped for couple of weeks, will I I get 2weeks worth when I start minting again?

ugofred87 You will have accumulated 2 weeks of coinage. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll stake as soon as you open the wallet. For best results and highest yield, Gnasher as said that 7 days of coinage is best…so, keep your wallet on and unlocked for staking and let it do it’s thing.

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bmp02050 thanks alot, so you’re saying it’s fine for few days but I shouldn’t leave my pc off for too long.

ugofred87 If you’re trying to “game” the system like old POS wallets, where you can keep your wallet off for long periods of time and accrue large stakes, this doesn’t work as well because after a certain period of time, you stop accruing coin-age. However, if you’re trying to save $$$ on electricity, then yeah, a couple days here or there is probably fine…

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