Staking Question

Guys, I just started with RDD. It seems like a very cool coin with a great community! However, I have about 42,000 coins. My reward estimator says I have to wait 800 days for my reward. Is this true? How long do I have to wait for a reward with my amount of coins? How frequent will I get rewards? That wait seems a bit excessive to me since with only 25,000 BITB coins I get about 1k coins reward per month. Thanks.

Hey and welcome!

Don’t worry, it won’t be 800 days. Since you just started with a, compared to some other fishes, small amount of RDD and the very big competition (the big number which says something like “total weight”) makes it less likely to win the staking.

That said, the longer you do the staking progress, the more weight your wallet gets and the amount of “estimated days remaining” will reduce. But it probally still will take 1-2 weeks with you amount. Your reward should be around ~50 RDD.

zorndyuke Thank You!