I have been staking for 30days and it keeps jumping from 60days to 76days am I doing something wrong I don’t know much about computer but I would like to support the network thx

What is your wallet public key?

RfbTfyn7eChEXQXkJhpk67U8LpuZBDXdiQ is this what you want thx

Rewards are not as important as me wanting to make sure i am securing the network. the coins wont matter if we don’t get the network built. As soon as i know i am doing this right I am going to make sure i get some friends on it as well.

james06 Man, I think your wallet is empty. It has no transaction history.
Usually it takes 50 blocks for the coins to mature, but I see no coins or transactions in your wallet.

How do i show you my transaction history. Can i show you the code at the bottom of the transaction or is that my private key? I have made multiple transactions (always in never out) but it always gets me a different code at the bottom. thx

james06 Yes, but question is why are they not broadcasted?
Anyway - do you have balance in your wallet and what is it source - mining, you bought it?