I would like to know if I stake once a week would I attain the same amount of coins that I stake in a day?
Edit-thanks for letting me know

Sinistkill In theory no, the ones with their wallets 24/7 staking have an extra probability to make an extra 1% more than regular once a week users. Annually speaking.

Of course the computational power is not relevant in a normal user case. And we also prove that is possible to “mine” a world wide digital currency with computers.

Take a look at this link to understand it better.

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I think that you should still get the same amount of coins as long as you let all of your coins stake. However, If you don’t have alot of coins its likely that it will take you more then a day to stake so you need to keep it running for longer. I know that for the amount i hold it would make minimal difference as long as i left it running for the full day to make sure all my addresses staked.