Stalking questions from the new guy:)

Hello I’m new to the redheads team and had a question on “staking”.

How do I preform the staking Process?

seangoodwin17 You have to setup your wallet to stake.

I have setup the wallet. and its all synced. I have deposited into it as well. I guess the real question is, what do I do now? Thanks for the reply so quick!

seangoodwin17 OK, you’ve synced fully, right? Which wallet are you using?

RustyNail I am using the v2.0.1.2 (64-bit) version.

seangoodwin17 Have you set a password, and also - when you hover over the Staking arrow, what does it say?

RustyNail yes I have created a password. My wallet is currently locked. And when I hover over the “stake” lable it does not show anything.

seangoodwin17 You have to unlock it for staking only. There is an option in the wallet. When you click Unlock and there is a checkbox for “staking only”. Then when you unlock it it will show if your coins are mature enough to stake. If it says that they’re not - you will have to wait for a 50 blocks before you are able to stake.

RustyNail AH that makes sense. Alright thank you for the help!

seangoodwin17 np buddy. :slight_smile: