State of the Redd-Nation :: August 22, 2016

Reddcoin Weekly Development Update

Welcome again Reddheads to another weekly update of Reddcoin Development.

It has been almost 2 weeks since the new Reddcoin Core wallet was deployed and it is good to see the steady uptake. The blockchain is at approx 60% v4 blocks (BIP66)

Just want to keep reminding you, that if you are staking, and you are on old clients, once the network reached 85% you will not be able to validate your blocks and you will lose your stake reward.

Deployment of the new wallet was a milestone for Reddcoin development, and the new features in the wallet allow for the implementation of various blockchain based services.

It is now time to turn attention towards the future of Reddcoin …

Development Roadmap:

It has been a long time since the last development roadmap had been put to the community August 1, 2014.

For the last few months, I have been pulling together my thoughts for what lays ahead. And over the coming weeks I will placing more energy and emphasis on this to get it completed and published.

Already there is an ambitious feature list covering many technologies, but remaining true to ‘The Social Currency’.

It is hoped that now the Reddcoin Core wallet has been released, and with a healthy vision for the future that the development community can be invigorated to become actively involved once again.

Developers Wanted:

We are always on the look-out for new developers, If you have an interested in c++, js or python drop me a line, I have some interesting projects that need attention.

Development Fund-Raising:

I have held off a long time for pursuing the fund raising discussion. But I think the time is right to now revisit it.

Some of you may recall, that we had a very healthy discussion here last year that was well received, but due to the complexities of creating and maintaining multi-sig addresses, and the lack of staking support, it lost momentum.

Delivering the Core wallet this month was a motivation to bring this topic back. So I want to put it on the table again, and move it past just being a pledge and bringing it to fruition.

Your donations and support will help drive Reddcoin succes!!

I am proposing to create a very simple mechanism for accepting donations into normal addresses which would be under the control of trusted team members. Using that mechanism would allow those funds to be kept online and staking (also supporting the network) and at the same time, provide transparency to the community in the fact that the donation address(es) would be publicly visible.

The collected funds, and the staking rewards would be used to cover various operational expenses (hosting services, email ,etc), advertising, supporting developers, and special promotions.

Donation Addresses

Purpose Address
Development Fund RaWe7UEQ1p2PYmdwbCxAThrq4GucNh3Q6s
Administration Fund RfmC2s2zUwkWT6cZNQiKQ6VN5xYVS3jE3V
Operations Fund RwjWKJMY6NNehGWvWRQqmUw7HTriD2GDEB


  • The Development Fund will help support the development team
  • The Administration Fund will help support the ongoing admin costs
  • The Operations Fund will help support the network infrastructure

International Community Expanding

In the last weeks I had the fortune to chat with 2 different community members who are very active in their own space and wanting to launch localised Reddcoin forums and blogs.

The first is based in China, where the Reddcoin community is slowly growing. It is now at the point where a dedicated information site and forum tailored for the Chinese speaking users is needed.

Reddcoin China

The other is an Italian Blogger who is working to bring all the Reddcoin news into native Italian. They have established:

Italian Facebook group and
Italian Reddcoin Community Blog

If you are creating localised news and content for Reddcoin, I am interested to hear from you.

Things that are on my radar for the coming months.

With the new wallet operating exceptionally, these are the things that are now occupying my activities.

  • Implementation of Redd-id
  • Tipping platform
  • Investigate PoSV2
  • Add improvements to Reddcoin Core wallet
  • Browser Wallet

Getting involved

We are a global community, and cross many borders but boundaries do not need to hinder us.

The crypto currency world has not reached its tipping point yet, but when it does, it is sure to escalate at an amazing rate. There are going to be many ups and downs, and an interesting ride for sure.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out and we will see where you can jump in Deadpool has a great Trello site going with activities that need looking at.

In Closing

Thank you for your patience.
I know in this arena things projects move fast, but I am confident that we now have a platform to move forward.
There are lots of exciting projects out there, but none quite touch on the ideas I have in mind.

As always, there is still plenty to do, and there is no time for resting.

So where ever you are, enjoy your week ahead

Keep on staking!

(John Nash)

John, thanks for the weekly update!

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great job and news! Ihave added the Donation Addresses Into my sending adress for futur use, i shall send coins especially to reset coin age, for better interest, and also in the end doing a good move to help you guys. i suggest we the community do this, its a win win situation.
who is in?

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Thanks John for this inspiring update.

I’ll make a news post about this on Reddheads this weekend.

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I just donated 10% of my stash to the team. John is doing a great job, if everybody donated 10% of their stash we just may be able to keep John as long as possible. Not only are they doing a great job programming-wise, they are a great voice for Reddcoin we should strive to keep around as long as possible. Great job so far John, really impressive leadership on your part so far! :slight_smile:

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dragonfrugal such an appreciated gesture, thank you. John is doing amazing work as you say, as well as proving to be level-headed, friendly and present through thick and thin - acting from long-term thinking and embodying the social currency ethos!

I’m going to make a donation also, and put effort into promoting this so that the support is there to continue the dev work and progress on the roadmap. I have to say that in discussion with John, Henry and others there are some really exciting concepts and prospects out there, with various initial practical stages complete or ongoing. I’m looking forward to playing a part in this.

Made a nice donation to Reddcoin donation addresses. Thank You to very one behind Reddcoin.

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reddibrek Your welcome, it’s the least I could do! :slight_smile: I hope you all get a lot of donations to keep the momentum going.

Thanks everyone who has made a donation already, your generosity is very much appreciated. Your contribution will go a long way to supporting the coins success into the future.

I just wanted to mention too, that each of the donation addresses has received a staking reward already.
This is also one way for the network to also support the goals.

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We should support reddcoin. so I sent to 3 addreses 10% of my wallet’s amount.

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