State of the Redd-Nation :: Jan 29, 2016

Weekly Updates

Last week

Not too much happened during the course of last week. Basically eyes down, fingers on keyboard.

I had a few break through moments that spurned on my coding, sometimes to the early hours. Nothing like a bit of success to make you want to go that extra mile.

Some of my time was spent looking on past projects and determining where they sit for the future.

Speaking of which, a thought that has returned is putting a roadmap up of goals for the year. I think this is a good idea to give an overall picture of what we hope to achieve this year (and further)

Blockchain Download

Something that came to surface again this week is the lengthy time to sync the wallet with the blockchain when launching the wallet for the first time. I also concur that this is a tedious activity having performed it many times these last few weeks myself.

With later versions of Bitcoin, they allow download of header first, followed by the rest of the block data. This process becomes more speedy because blocks can be downloaded out of order from different peers.

Later this year, I would like to revise this to see the feasibility of introducing. according to reports on bitcoin, this speedup is sufficiently faster, being reduced to a few hours.

New Wallet

This last week I caught a few smaller bugs that had persisted in the code. Mostly these were cosmetic in nature and not effecting functionality.

The testnet network has been running well, and I have been doing various network interuptions to test its resilience and recovery. Overall operating very well.

The big news was I put the new code on the mainnet, and was able to stake first block on the 27th Jan. Since then a few more blocks have been staked.

Standby beta testers, I should be close to providing you an updated package. All going well, I will be compiling a new cut again on Monday

ID System

With the new wallet looking in good shape, work has resumed on the ID system. This is progressing well, however some of my bug squashing was inter related with the new wallet code so it has been a bit of stop start of testing, and determining where the issued lay.

Suffice to say, it is early days, but progress is being made.

In Closing

Thankyou for taking the time to read, I hope you found it informative.

If you would like me to cover anything, leave a reply and I will take note for next time

The longest journeys start with but a single step, you have all made a commitment to developing this platform and you have our support and thanks for your efforts . We have a good year ahead…!

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