State of the Redd-Nation :: Mar 14, 2016

Weekly Updates

Well this last week moved pretty fast didn’t it? And here it is Monday again. So welcome again to another update of the Reddcoin weekly progress.

From the activities of this week, there has been some good testing going on with great contributions by both Didi and bmp02050. This has shaken out a couple of new items and sparked some discussions on blocksize.

We have also had some launching of new features on the Reddheads new and improved site and dragonfrugal updated his Wordpress tipping plugin to use Poloniex API.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get as far as I wanted to in all of my development activities, but I did manage to successfully merge in all the major changes of the v2.0 build into the master branch of Github. This is a big step in itself in preparation for a broader release.

One of our newer users to Reddcoin DeadPool has started laying out some strategies for people outside of the core to get involved in. it is well worth a look if you are looking to get involved. Just contact Deadpool.

New Wallet - RC1d development update

This week has been one of heavy testing on testnet. Both Didi and bmp02050 have been pushing the limits of the network by creating thousands of transaction using some scripts. At times creating transactions bigger than the currently supported block size.

The extent of the testing has pushed the transaction count 100 fold. It is this type of testing that will help determine the future direction of development.

Further testing has also revealed a small bug when starting the wallet for the first time, an existing addressbook does not get imported correctly (wallet transactions are fine). This has been placed on the issues list for investigation

As mentioned earlier, I have been working to move all the new features of v2.0 onto the main branch (Master) on Reddcoin Github. Lots of testing going on here as we need to make sure this is a clean move. It is not a normal development move, where we have added new features to the existing branch in a linear fashion, but rather, we have taken a completely new branch and need to apply those changes.

Overall though, this has been progressing well.

Reddheads Website updated with multi-lingual support

Reddibrek has done it again and release a significant milestone.

Creating one of the very first news sites tailored for cryptocurrency with multi lingual support. Although there are news sites targeted to specific languages, it would appear that is a first in supporting news articles for multiple languages.

This is early days, but Reddibrek has some big plans for the news site, so if you are interested in getting involved (either creating articles or translation services) then take the opportunity to contact him.

Otherwise, do yourself a favour and subscribe.

Getting involved

Speaking of getting involved, Deadpool has come into Reddcoin recently as a new user, and has a lot to contribute. He has begun by creating a list of tasks on Trello that could to be done, with a focus on non core activities. As you could imagine in a project like Reddcoin, there are a lot of tasks to keep active.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out to Deadpool and see where you can jump in


One of the activities that needs to be done is to review the current translations for Reddcoin V2.0. We follow the same procedure as Bitcoin, using a service by Traniflex to manage and maintain the translation files.

I am looking for people who would like to have a look into the following languages:

  • Russian (27% completed)
  • Ukrainian (43% completed)
  • German (69% completed)
  • Chinese (73% completed)
  • Hindi (11% completed)
  • Spanish (69% completed)
  • Portugese (27% completed)
  • French (76% completed)
  • Dutch (69% completed)
  • Tagalog (0% completed)

Of course your welcome to contribute to any other of the languages as well.
We currently have 60 languages on file

PM me if you are interested (we have already had some starters)

In Closing

This coming week I should now be focused back on the ReddID and Browser wallet features. The new build of wallet will be going through its paces this week and hopefully we have most technical issues wrapped up.

Keep on staking!

I have moved the translation responses into their own thread.