State of the Redd-Nation :: Mar 7, 2016

Weekly Updates

Last Week

Welcome again to another weekly post and update on everything Reddcoin.

For Reddcoin, it has been quite a productive week. I have been able to build out a new release candidate (RC1d) containing all the fixes to the issues raised. This has now been distributed to most of the beta testers.

If you havent received your link yet, let me know (PM)

Outside of Reddcoin, it has been quite turmultuous over the past week particularly as the Bitcoin network has been dealing with high volumes. There has been an increase of small transactions causing blocks to fill and delaying some transactions from actually getting into a block.

Some of this discussion has been centered on the increasing fees of the network and it is becoming expensive to send transaction.

New Wallet - RC1d development update

Last week I spoke about hopefully being able to release a new candidate for for testnet. Time wise i was able to get ahead and managed to push a version out on Saturday 5 March 2016

The new build includes the following improvements

  • Re-implement BIP66 validation rules and switchover logic
  • Fix some TX calculations
  • Correct display of recent transactions on Overview page
  • increase number items displayed to 5
  • Sort the transaction list by date order decending
  • Enable staking on launch and after unlocking wallet
  • update checkpoints for main and testnet

With this release there is an increase in the block version up from version 3 to version 4. Version 3 was originally created for PoSV. The increase to version 4 is required to handle the new DER signature validation.

What this means for the network is we will have some switchover logic. Effectively the following parameters are used

  • Mainnet when 95% block generated are ver 4
  • Testnet when 75% blocks generated are ver 4

When this occurs version 3 blocks or lower will not be accepted on the network. This is not a hard fork that will suddenly happen, but rather timed so that everyone has time to get versions downloaded and tested (some exchanges and the like will need time to prepare).

Reddheads Website

Reddibrek has been very busy this last few weeks giving the website a freshen up. Here you can subscribe to the newsletter and read some of the pertinent articles being discussed.

If you havent subscribed already, please do to stay informed.

Network Fees

There has been lots of discussion in recent forums about network fees. I have even contributed to the following posting

In essence Reddcoin tries to keep fees to a reasonable level.
We have 3 destinct areas in transactions that effect fees from the QT wallet

  1. Transactions 1RDD or less are considered spam and will attract 0.0001 RDD as a transaction fee. This is to discourage such low value transactions
  2. Transactions that are above 1RDD, and have a size that will cause the block to be < 250KB will be free. That is if there only a small number of inputs or outputs it will be free.
  3. If the transaction will cause the block to be > 250KB will attract increasing fees up to the limit of the block of 1MB

In the case of Reddcoin, fees go back into the network, and anyone with an open and staking wallet is entitled to recieve them and are included in the staking amount.

Contributions you can make

Some discussions have started on what the community can do to help contribute to Reddcoin, when you are not a programmer.

A few things do come to mind

  • Help translate the GUI into different languages. Reddcoin uses a service called Transiflex to map words from one language to another. If you would like to see Reddcoin GUI in your native language your input could help. I have had a few offers now already.
  • Create a Local language channel on the forum. Sometimes it is not easy to convey a message when the only language used is English. Translating across to your local language can add a new dynamic to the forum.
  • Help improve the information on the Wiki ( there is a lot of information there and BigReddMachine put a lot of effort into getting it there.
  • If you have an eye for detail, some input into UI/UX

These are just a few suggestions, there are plenty of things that could be improved.

In Closing

This week brings new challenges and I will be focusing back on the ReddID and Browser wallet features. The new build of wallet will be going through its paces this week and hopefully we have most technical issues wrapped up.

Keep on staking!

I am looking forward to the new version, will be forced to upgrade?

For the non-dev part, I’ve set-up a Trello board that I just updated with Gnasher “few things to come to mind”.

I’m ready to give access to anybody who want to participate to this community. Just PM me one of your e-mail address or your Trello profile if you already have one, and I will add you to this non-dev team :slight_smile:



Also, with Gnasher I am working on a little infography about sta©king.
We are finishing the details and we will post it soon (and anybody with great design skills is allow to redo it :P)

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DeadPool Great stuff!

I’ll move some of the points over from my Trello.

Will PM you shortly to get connected.

For anyone thinking they want to get involved and don’t know where to start, the Trello that DeadPool has started will be a good launchpad for you.
As this gets built out, it should become a pick list of tasks that you can choose from.

PM him for instructions on how to join

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Good afternoon, where you can download the new wallet

werdff The new one is for testing purposes only at the moment…Gnasher is working on getting it ready for rollout in the nearish future…he’s been banging new things out constantly, but he’s the only one (that I know of) that is really trying to add in the features that would take Reddcoin beyond Bitcoin in terms of ease of use…Redd-ID…

bmp02050 said:

I want to download the new wallet

during the crisis need to invest in what is now deshovoe and where there is a large volatility my opinion it Reddcoin WildBeastBitcoin or because they have a great future date