State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017


john_boy said in State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017:

admin: can you block smartynose ?

Hey let me tell u something, I really hope that he will ban me, because u know what? I don’t give a fuck for this dead coin and his lies, but let me tell u also something… this won’t happen soon, because nobody gives a fuck for this dead forum either, so instead of trying to be funny by changing my nickname (or probably u are blind) go buy some real coins and not Gnasher’s scam, which btw, is still alive because of deluded fucks like you. Have a great day, moron.


SmartonoseN : You add no value to this forum at all, dude. You think all is a scam, ok understood. Now go and do something else.


huebby said in State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017:

SmartonoseN : You add no value to this forum at all, dude. You think all is a scam, ok understood. Now go and do something else.

Dude wtf are u talking about? Adding value to this forum ,when the main person behind it is “hibernating”? WTF?! Seriously? Ok, let me get this straight, even if I’m wrong and u are right, some random guy who doesn’t know anything about RDD decides to check this forum and the subreddit, what do u think he will want to read? Me, talking politely and basically lying (because like I said, let’s face it… Gnasher is a fucking halfwit) OR some official news and hyping from the devs? What do u think, honestly?


Scammers want us to leave them alone so they can scam as much as they want


scamcoinbuster ikr , just sell off man. go to coin which actually has a future


SmartonoseN : “Adding no value” means there is no point in posting the same hateful stuff every day. What’s your problem? There has been a roadmap made up last year that has not been met (by the small team working on it voluntarily and for free). OK, we know that. Does that change anything regarding RDD and it’s purpose? No. There is a lively discussion at slack among the people involved, the fault is mainly that there is no real communication to the outside, that’s true. But writing abusive language here all the time will get you nowhere, but only shows what kind of limited type you are. There is no big conspiracy that tries to get your money. Just a bunch of people working on the coin and missing the former plan because things are not as easy as you would like them to be.


Seriously, What are you doing, Gnasher?
I live in Sydney, Australia. and I really want to participate in any community hosted by you or your colleauge.
Could you give me some information?
Thank you.


huebby nice answer to my question…


SmartonoseN : What was your question again? Whether Gnasher is a “fucking half-wit”?. Sorry I skip reading such premature bullcrap. All is said for me.


Seems the remaining Reddcoin devs/mods are as active as ever. Seems nobody with the ax is looking. Anyway I already forked the website ( and may do the same with the whole damn blockchain if the devs don’t shape up. Anyone fancy some airdropped redddcoin (triple d) ? I could arrange to leave out that non-staking 11% holder :wink:


Additionally you need a strict policy to rule out smarties like noisy boy :-))


iamloremipsum I have the exact same problem you have


john_boy said in State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017:

Additionally you need a strict policy to rule out smarties like noisy boy :-))

dude you are getting more pathetic each day…gj


I´m new in this crypto world since April 2017 and I´ve been trying the core wallets of the main altcoins and a few main exchanges . As a newbie I have had troubles with exchanges and altcoin´s core wallets almost losing my funds, but at the end speaking about communication and interaction with a product and its developers this coin as many others is the worst.
I don´t Hate or Love reddcoin but I do not have the confidence to stay, after all there are so many other great coins with great features and a solid Dev Team… Having several millions of RDD does´nt mean one can be rich in the future (necessarily) but who knows…
wish you all the best , good luck.


Good news is coming! REDD-ID launching November 1 via /r/reddCoin #reddcoin


Emmanuellee77 : Since this is a post by someone not official, please do not spread unconfirmed information.


come to the Krosscoin community. My team had a total of 9 million RDD…good we cashed out in profit. Krosscoin already has a working product in beta.


I personally think that the concept of the movement is great.
We should start using Redd coins as normal, and spread people how this coin is usefully.
I do have an idea from Korean Internet broadcasting company.

They are called BJs (anyone can be a BJ on Internet).
They do funny things or serious things for entertainment on Internet like Youtube on live, in their platform, watchers can tip the BJ with balloons (with numbers). One balloon is like 1 cent. People watch the content on live and tip bjs at the same time. BJs mention exact the tipper’s name and say thank you whenever viewers tip the BJ.

** BJs can exchange Ballons into real currencies through the system(Africa TV) which is something like Redd coins.

Here is the example:

Basically, a viewer is a big fan of the BJ. It is because maybe the BJ is beautiful and whatever. The fan (viewer) is counting down with a chat screen and start sending balloons.
The total amount of the balloons that the viewer sent her costs about $52,000.

This is happening in a real world.
Korean people don’t speak English very well, so that is why their good business doesn’t go overseas.
However, Koreans have really good business in Korea which can be worked all over the world successfully. (high potential)

Once, Korean people start using Reddcoins, it will be flying to the moon for sure.

I really want to see Gnasher and talk about this all information and ideas.
Please reply me again! (You know my email address, Gnasher).
Thanks and hope to see you soon.


How about converting reddcoin to open source? As many developers like Bitcoin participate in the project, the development speed will increase.
They can make your busy life a leisurely time.
Reddcoin is not a difficult project to develop, so if you have enough developers, you can expect to achieve your goal quickly.


neoniki3 That is a good idea, Gnasher would have more time to hibernate, especially since the winter is coming soon, he could hibernate like a bear for the whole winter.