State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017


So I found the Reddcoin website and coin a few months back and invested, and today i find this site, and think “Oh nice, an update about reddcoin! - wow cool this is a good update!”

And then I read all the comments, wow, you guys must really be bitter that you didn’t cash out at the “top”, and seriously lack faith… Please sell me your coins at 19 sat, my buy orders are waiting


Aliocha : Thanks for being positive about the coin among all the haters. Hope they will move on and things here develop further like they do since a couple of days.


shadowradio I carried this ship for over 2 years bud… Many of the POW coins were mined by MY MACHINES… And you think I wasn’t willing to support? You think I didn’t keep faith after the First AND Second deadlines for ReddID were MISSED? There is an old saying that goes “3 strikes, you’re OUT”… The greatest crew in history will go NO WHERE without LEADERSHIP… This organization has proven several times over that they HAVE NONE, nor do they have any RESPECT for their shareholders. How’s that bag feeling? Is it getting heavy yet? Have fun carrying it while Gnasher paddles you around in circles…


kerryemerson Sorry… I sold all of mine at 36 sats… more than double what they are currently worth… I will buy back in when it hits 3-4 sats and wait for gnashers next pump and dump… In case you haven’t noticed… that’s pretty much all this coin is good for…