Steemit And Redd?

I have recently stumbled upon Redd and got very interested in the idea. I know there are means to tip people all over the internet and why not have a secure currency to do so?!
I thought for a moment, Steemit itself uses a system that will award you Steem for posts that are popular in the community. Assuming there is not a poor background between developing teams would this be a good partner for Redd? The community could receive Redd while also receiving steem it’s like a win, win. Redd gets more publicity, and steemit members and contributors are able to make greater monetary gains. The users of steemit are already aware of what crypto currencies are whereas YouTube may be a larger market but it may also take longer for adoption by YouTube members.
If there was a plugin or some sort of wallet integration the users of steemit could manage there steem, Redd, etc all in one place!
I’m all in for tech that will tie crypto to social media as it is a massive industry.
I am relatively new to the technology and I’m sure to implement something like this would be no easy task but I figured I would share my idea. If the idea had been shared another time in another post I am sorry, I just wrote my idea and did not think to search first. If there is in fact another topic on this I shall delete my idea. Thank you, and good luck!

Nice idea. I like where this going.

Do you have a steem account ?
One way to do it is to ask a blog owner to create a Redd account because you want to tip them.
Let them download the wallet and repost their address in the reply. Then you tip them publicly.